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Meet Dale and Connie Peterson  Dale's Fish House Rental Lake of the Woods

Meet Dale and Connie Peterson
Dale’s Fish House Rental
Lake of the Woods

Welcome to Our Website!!


 Meet Dale and Connie


Together we want to help you have a wonderful fishing experience here on Lake of the Woods.

We have 7 Sleepers,  3 Day Houses, and our Bunkhouse which Sleeps 4 starting December 2015.

 We are a small fishing outfit which allows us to provide good quality customer service.  

Each day we dedicate ourselves to meet all your needs.  

We keep track of the fish bite and do our best to keep our fish houses

on the fish.  We keep on eye on weather conditions daily.

Check all propane tanks and each generator throughout the

day with one last check  before we head to shore for the night.

We also spend time at each of our Fish Houses throughout the day.

 We like to stop by to check on how the fish are biting in your 

house, see if you have any needs, if everything is working well

in your house, and to sit and just visit once in a while.  We enjoy

getting to know our guests.  

We are available 24 hours a day~ 7 days a week.

              We will take good care of you!