12/24/2016 I'm sorry!

Just want to put an apology out there for all who have been trying to get information on fishing, access and rentals etc. I have been so late on getting back to you from your message, missed your phone call, and said I will call you back in 15 mins or at a certain time and do not call back until the next day! I do apologize.
We have only 1 more Sleeper to put on the lake and we will have all of them on the ice. This is the reason for not being able to do the best with my communication. The first initial work with the day houses and sleepers are the toughest as we do a thorough going through of each fish house, repair and change what needs to be done. All the generators are gone through, we built another toilet for the new sleeper, we built new generator boxes and then there is all the equipment repairs and finally we have the signage to show access information, parking, etc.
Soooooo!! after this last Sleeper is set up tomorrow we just may be “normal” routine. Ya right!! Thanks for understanding !!

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