Lake Conditions March 3, 2015

An update for our Guests who are coming to join us and wondering what the ice/lake conditions are like as of today March 3rd.

We do not have a road to our Sleepers. We are transporting our Guests by Bombardier and with our transporter when needed.
Babler’s lake road blew shut again yesterday just to give you an idea what is going on out there. There are some bare spots and you will always see a truck or two venturing off the main road giving it all they got to get to their fishing spot.

Hope they remember a shovel!

Weekend of Feb 27th

March 3, 2015

Fishing report still reporting to be slow fishing this weekend.  Enjoyed watching a gentleman reel in his first walleye ever ice fishing and it was 16.5 inch walleye.  He was so excited and was so happy he rented a Vexilar as he feels he would not have gotten the walleye.  Using the Vexilar gave him the ability to see the fish down their, lure it up to his minnow and then it “SMACKED IT”!  Was a really cool experience.  I got some fishing in myself and was not successful for the most part.  Got my smallest walleye ever and missed 4 one being a pretty aggressive bugger.  We are noticing that the bite is more aggressive.  There are some hits that are pretty good bite.  Still need to really watch it as they seem to be getting off before reaching the hole.  Oh by the way this gentleman asked for recommendations of which type of Vexilar Dale would recommend and he is out to purchase one for himself as soon as he get’s home.  There was a slot Northern caught on Monday which was fun for the guys as they really wanted to catch some Northern.  It was 32 inches I believe.  There were fish in the bucket just not as many as one would like to see.  Now today we have a group of 17 just great guys fishing with us and they had about a half a bucket of fish in at least one Sleeper.  There was only 3 fish in the bucket for the guys that arrived this morning.  Marking the fish and just not getting them on the hook.  We had a few of our guests run to Warroad today and try and find the smallest minnows they could get.  Our group of 17 found that the smaller the minnow the more bites they got.

You know it is very tough not seeing fish put in the bucket.  It is on our mind each day and we continue to do our very best to put our houses on a location that we know has been a good fishing spot both in the past and currently.  We fish the area for about a week prior to moving houses to the new location and we monitor the fish bite each day.  It is just disheartening when the fish bite slows down.

Just about when we get pretty discourage that the fish bite is slow and slow everywhere and we are struggling with the question “Are we doing the best we can?” we get a call or a comment or an email such as this one that e received on March 1st.

This is from John after I sent him an email to to share that the fishing has been tough and that we had a good run for three days and then went back to slow fishing again.  Went on to explain that we keep checking all depths and just trying to figure these fish out this year.  Saying how we have heard from many of the people who have fished this area for over 40 years and have not seen fishing this tough.

John’s reply “Just Remember, if it Was Easy, They would call it catching.  But it’s Not, So we Call it Fishing.  Regardless of the Number of Fish Caught, It’s Always a Great Time.”

The very same day we received a call from two other gentlemen who were fishing with us for the weekend.  Called to say they were so happy with their stay and would have enjoyed more fish in the bucket but just had a wonderful time despite the fish bite.  Enjoyed our company, their fishing partners and the fish house.  Great experience.

So you see there is so much more to it and so glad to be a part of making a fun, good, fishing experience here on Lake of the Woods.  The emails and calls are refreshing and give us the pick me up we need to get right back out there and continue to do the best we can.

Dale and Connie