Ice Conditions 12/6/2015

Pictures of Lake/Ice Conditions Lake of the Woods Gull Rock Area Sunday 12/6/2015.Sorry I don’t have better news but it is pretty much what you expected with the temps the way they are. Thought you might want to see what she looks like. Have a super day and catch you tomorrow!! -c-

Dec 6Pic 1 Dec 6 Pic 8

Gull RockDec 6 Pic 7

Twin IslandsDec 6 Pic 6 Shoreline looking towards the EastDec 6 Pic 5

Dec 6 Pic 4

Looking towards the West towards CanadaDec 6 Pic 3

Shoreline straight out from our Lake AccessDec 6 Pic 2

Ice Conditions 12/2/2015

Well we have made some progress, BUT one strong wind and we start over.

Approximately 2 inches in place’s with water on top in areas.

It’s a start!!!!!


You can see how the ice broke up and now slabs of ice a inch or two thick are sitting on top of each other.  Where it looks rough that is actually very thin  with water on top of the ice.


Here I took a shot straight down on the ice where you can see the ice froze on top of each other and the rocks on the bottom.  This is on the very edge of the shoreline and about 2 inches of ice, maybe 3.


Here you can see how rough it is from the ice sections that were bouncing on the waves yesterday and today are frozen but from 0 to maybe 2, 3 inches in places.








Water that froze after the waves hit the rocks.  Pretty cool but all open water under the rock area. IMG_5681

Twin Rocks to the left and Twin Islands to the right.  The white ridge you see is where the water is hitting the thin layer of ice.


Standing on the ice taking a picture of the reflection of the sun on the ice.  Pretty cool.


Thought I would share this too.  This is from the water coming up onto the shore line and going back out leaving quite the design.