Ice Condition Update

Ice report just called into me from the lake

Dale is saying at least another week of ATV and snowmobiles.

Just found another area of only 9 – 11 inches of ice around Gull Rock!

We need 11 – 14 for the Plow Trucks!!  Better to safe than sorry!!

Stay tuned for continued updates!


Ice conditions

Access is open to ATV’s and Snowmobiles!

We are so close to opening up to vehicles but we need to make sure everyone is safe out there!  We found a area of 10 inches yesterday and we just have to check the ice from shore to 16 everyday until we get the ice we need for vehicles.

The plow trucks need 11 – 14 inches of ice!!  We will keep you posted as we know.

It’s a comin”

January 12, 2016

Whew!  What a couple weeks!

All the Sleepers are out, all the Day houses are out!

The lake is having trouble’s to say the least but all in all she is holding up so well.  We checked the ice thickness again on Saturday and still found only 9 inches.  In order to plow we need to have 12 inches minimum.  So today or tomorrow off we go with the snowcat’s again and check the ice all the way to 16 mile and past for 1 mile.  In total we will be plowing 8 miles North of our shoreline.

Fish bite slowed way down with the cold snap then picked up yesterday and now this A.M. we are slow again.  Yesterday one day house ended up with 6 fish for 3 guys.

Promise that I will get updates done every other day from now on!

On my list of to do’s!!!


Happy New Year

Happy New Year Fri 1/1/16

  • 5 – 9 inches Ice on flat area’s of lake – We have 11 inches of ice in the Twin Island area where our Sleepers and Day houses are.There is quite a bit of fishing going on West of Gull Rock too!
  • 3-4 inches of snow
  • Staked trail to Twin Island’s
  • We plan to stake N towards 16 mile/Archie’s reef
  • Fishing reports coming in: FAIR TO GOOD

Sure would like some colder temps so we can get our equipment out on the lake, more like our toy’s !!