June 29, 2016 Facebook post

June 29, 2016

Great news received today!
MN Dept of Health, Bemidji has approved our Plan Review and we have the OK to start.

Stage 1
Loggers coming this week to look over the area we need cleared.
Clear land for RV’s & cabins
Start hauling gravel, making road and RV pads.
—starting this week—

Here we go !!!!!
We are so excited!!!

June 24, 2016 Facebook post

Dale’s Fish House Rental – Lake of the Woods
June 24, 2016

Just received a call, couldn’t believe it, from MN Dept of Health.
St. Paul office has approved are plan review application from their office and have now sent our Plan review to Bemidji office for them to come out for the Physical review possibly next week and we will see what happens from there.
Oh my goodness! Sure didn’t expect a response in under 48 hours! Yippee!
Thanks to all for your love, prayers, and SUPPORT!
You are why we want to do this! ??!!!
We will keep you posted.
Dale & Connie

July 6, 2016 LOTW Tourism Bureau Fishing Report

Hello folks!  Here is the July 6th Fishing report from the Lake of the Woods Bureau of tourism


Fishing Report For July 6, 2016

Excellent fishing continued through the holiday weekend. Pulling spinners, jigging, and pulling cranks all worked.  10-19 feet while pulling spinners tipped with a crawler or leech.  Anchoring and jigging with a minnow on reefs in 15-30 feet is also producing some eyes. Schools of fish in the middle of the lake in 28-32 feet being targeted by jiggers and crankbaiters alike. Gold and silver have been strong.
On the Rainy River, some walleyes are being caught near the mouth of the river and into four mile bay. Water clarity has improved from previous weeks. Jig and minnow remains best option for catching walleyes. Most anglers fishing the lake.  Great smallmouth bass fishing up and down the river.  Sturgeon “keep” season is now open through Sep. 30th.  
Up at the NW Angle, resorts and guides are finding walleyes jigging with gold, pink and orange jigs in 24 to 30 feet of water around deep water humps, points and rock piles.  On the MN side, Little Oak, Crowduck and the south side of Oak Island producing nice walleyes.  Pulling spinners or crankbaits also working well. On the Canadian side, musky action continues to improve as water temps reach the 70’s.   Target cabbage and rock piles with bucktails and topwater baits.  Smallie and pike action strong.  Resorts, guides, and local events at www.LakeoftheWoodsMN.com.