Sept 29, 2016 Fishing Report from Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau

Hey there Website Followers/ Friends! Here is Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau’s Fishing Report – Sept 28 report!!

Fishing Report For September 28, 2016

Walleyes and Saugers continue to move closer to the south shore. Good fishing in 23 feet of water outside the Lighthouse gap and all along the south shore. Shiner minnows in the area keeping large schools of walleyes active! The bite will continue to improve in the coming weeks. Anchoring and jigging with a shiner minnow successful with gold or pink/gold the colors of choice. Some crankbait action in the afternoons to cover water to find active schools. Lots of ducks and geese in the area as local waterfowl still around. Should expect a good northern push in a few weeks as it gets colder.
The Rainy River continues to get better each day as more shiners and walleyes push into the river. Fall walleye fishing on the Rainy River can be some of the best! Sturgeon are being boated up and down the river daily.
Up at the Northwest Angle, walleye and sauger action is hot. Drifting with a bottom bouncer, spinner, and a minnow doing great. Anchoring and jigging with a minnows doing good as well. Look for deep holes and mud areas in 18-30 feet between Oak and Flag Island. Also look for points with depths of 8-18 feet as shiners have started moving into bays. On the Ontario side, walleye fishing is red hot as the feed bags are on to bulk up for the winter. Use electronics to locate schools of fish in 18 to 28 feet and use a jig and minnow. Bottom bouncers with spinners can be used to cover water to locate fish. Crappies over 15 inches are stacked up in sharp drop offs and around flooded timber in 30 feet. Muskie action has turned to trolling large minnow baits in 10-18 feet.


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Clearing land for Cabins!!

Took a break from the Sleeper today- too windy to work with the corner tin so we decide to do some dirt moving and tree stump removal!!

Goal 6 Cabins to be completed in 1-4 Years! We hope it doesn’t take 4 years to build everything! Time will tell. Future Goals 12 RCA/RV sites (no summer seasonal)!! Winter camping is seasonal. 6 Cabin’s!! 1 Lodge (set-up’s lic and vending no food or bar license). Kitchen is designed for private parties to hire a caterer to serve food for their private party. The event are will be for private parties – up to 50 people. We will continue winter Sleeper’s and Day Houses. Also the Winter Lake Access!! We have Fish House and Equipment Storage year round. We plan to buile Storage Units as our final building project. This will be after all the rest is completed. So for anyone that wishes to store boats, snowmobile’s, etc. come see us! We will keep you posted on the progress!! Dale and Connie

dirt-moving-1 dirt-moving-2

New Sleeper 2016/2017 Ice Fishing Season

Sleeper up and going nicely!

Rafter’s done!
Rafter’s Up!!
Getting ready for Tin!!
We had to square her up before we put the rafter’s on!!
Rooftop selfie!!
Next the roof cap!!
Back up on the roof for the cap and get all the screws in and this step is done.
Getting dark!!
There we go!! Roof cap done!!
Dale is head to get the plastic to put on the side walls in case it rains tonight.