Dec. 1, 2016

Pic #1 & Pic #2 Wed 11/30
Pic#3 This morning 12/1
Temp dropped!!!! Waiting for next Week, suppose to really drop.
No ice here as of yet. We will keep you posted. Quite a bit of wind yesterday, calmer today but still not cold enough to make and real change in lake conditions.
Have a super day. I know we are going to make it a good day!!-c-


Painting Day!!

Dale & Connie ready to get this painting party on!!
Priming arms and ski’s for new Sleeper
Brackets to hold arm’s of ski’s in place while moving along on the ice!

Nice job Connie!!! say’s Dale as he passes by!!
Arm’s and Ski’s are done, now to wait for them to dry!!