FYI 2/20/2017

Just a reminder to all guests coming to us in Sleepers or Day house’s.
We transport our guests to their Sleepers and Dayhouse’s in our Bombardier’s. Your vehicle will be in our Parking area by our office for your stay. Please know you will not be driving your vehicle to your Fish house.
I truly hope everyone understands.
Thank- you.
Dale & Connie Peterson

LOTW Tourism Bureau Fishing Report for Feb 16, 2017

Courtesy of Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau 2:16/2017

Fishing Report For February 16, 2017

Sonar units are big right now as a trend of suspended fish has started with walleyes 10-15 feet below the ice. A good bite in the main basin, combo walleyes / saugers. Working every fish is a must! The anglers working a jigging spoon with a rattle and a dead stick are doing better than a jigging rod and a tip up. Key depth 29-33 ft. Best colors continue to be glow red, pink and gold on jigging spoons tipped with minnow head or tail. Jumbo perch being caught as well in some areas depending on the day.

The Rainy River morning and evening bite has been good. Know the river or use a resort or guide for safety. The snowmobile trail is staked from Wheeler’s Point to Baudette on the river. Do not deviate from trail unless you are familiar with ice conditions.

Good fishing up at the NW Angle. Best colors remain glow pink and gold. Flyers, Buckshot Rattle spoons, Rippin Raps, Pink Charmers or flutter spoons tipped with a minnow head or tail . For walleyes on MN side, morning / evening bite remains in 13-20′. Move off structure in 22-30 feet of water in the afternoon hours. Ontario, walleyes in 25′ or deeper. Giant crappies in 30+ feet on small jigs/rattle spoons/plastics/minnows/wax worms. Keep crappies if fishing deeper than 25′ as high mortality if released in deep water. Work through resorts and stay on ice road. Fish houses can stay on ice through March, walleyes/saugers through April 14th.

Received by email 2/17/17 -cmp-

Feb 18 , 2017

Winter Lake Access
Small change.
Dale or I go out on and check ice conditions and drive the whole road each morning at 6:00 a. m.
We then record a new update on our landline phone for you by 6:30 a. m. Pending there is no issues we come up on.
The small change we would like to ask of you is if you could please call for an update between 6:30 a. m and 10:00 p. m.regarding lake access information. This is our house phone and we do not turn the ringer off due to our guests out on the ice if they need us.

Sleepers guests please note we are available 24 hours so if you need us please call anytime day or night.

Thank- you so very much! Dale needs his beauty sleep, wouldn’t hurt me either! Yikes!!-c-?

Lake Access/ice condition update 2/14/2017

Ice Conditions- Ice is still holding her own! No pressure breaks or cracks. Dale and I go out on the road and check it every morning between 6 and 6:30 am and we then update the landline which is our main line for lake access information. 218-442-6661 is the number to call for a daily lake access and lake conditon update.
We just set up all our houses in a new location and found 29 – 30 inches of ice.