Sat 3/18/17 Sat A.M.

5:58 a.m. Sat 3/18/17
Winter Lake Access Update
No Vehicles – No Wheel Houses
ATV and Snowmobiles only
You may park in the parking area on land and go through the swamp to the lake with your ATV and Snowmobiles.
For those of you with fish houses out on the lake please call Dale at 320 – 630 – 7897 and we will allow you out to get your house.
We are dealing with a standing water issue as our major problem area right now. At 9 pm last night the standing water was increasing. We will be going out in a few minutes to check over the situation and at daylight we will start working out a new route for vehicles and wheel houses to come off the lake and avoid the standing water. We also will be checking the crack that was 8 inches wide yesterday. We have mat’s over the crack and we have two wooden planks to the East of the mat’s. We will keep you posted!! We will continue to monitor and fix the situation as best we can.
Call the update phone line between 6:30 a.m. and 10 p.m. at 218-442-6661
Dale and Connie Peterson

Winter lake access 3/17/17 11:26 pm

For those of you out on the ice before we changed to ATV/Snowmobile only

when you are ready to go, go to the east of the plowed road,  and come in. You can get off through our lake road, standing water issue. Call us and let us know when you are wanting to leave and we can update you and help anyway we can.
Dale 320-630-7897 Call after 6:30 am – 10 pm leave a message if your call goes to voicemail
Dale and Connie

Friday 3/17/17 Winter lake access update

Checked the lake road this morning we have standing water periodically as we traveled the road. If you follow the stakes closely and when you come to a snowbank in your path travel to the west around the bank and back to the stakes you will be just fine.
We have standing water due to the rain we received last evening. we did not get any snow.
We have a 6-8 inch crack just off the shore which we have the mat’s from shore to the N side of the crack.
We will be monitoring the ice conditions through the day, each day and will update you if any changes come up.
218-442-6661 is our lake access update phone line. We ask that you call this number between 6:30 a.m. and 10 p.m. only.
Dale and Connie Peterson

Update on our winter lake access !!!

Update on the winter lake access.
We have had a crack open to 6 inches just as you drive onto the lake. we have the mat’s over the crack for you to drive on and the stakes are up to guide you over the mat’s. We will monitor the lake access through out the day, each day.
March 27th we will be closing our winter lake access to vehicles at the end of the day. Last day for vehicles will be March 27th as long as the ice remains in good condition.
If you wish to leave your fish house in storage this summer until next ice season please contact Dale at 320-630-7897.
If you are pulling your house closer to shore until you return for another fishing trip in the next week or two please leave your fish house outside of the lake parking area.
Dale and Connie Peterson

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Winter Lake Access Info 3/12/2017

Just to give everyone out there a early notification. If the ice continues as good as it is we will be shutting down our winter lake access for the season the last day of March, the day everyone needs to have their houses of the lake.
We will close earlier If the ice would deteriorate and become unsafe. We will start posting on a weekly basis on ice conditions and once the conditions start changing we will post more often. We also have our daily update through our land line 218-442-6661 with the winter lake access information. You can call from 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. for the daily update.
Thank-you to all of you that joined us through our winter lake access, we so appreciate you!!

Dale and Connie Peterson

Dale’s on Lake of the Woods
Fish House Rental and Winter Lake Access

Lake Access Update 3/8/2017

Winter Lake Access will be opening at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow, Thursday 3/9/2017

We will be plowing out the road on land so you will be able to get down onto the lake and lake road.  No pressure breaks, no cracks at this point in time.  We did have standing water on top of the lake away from the plowed road so when traveling off of the main road beware of shell ice over water.  Be cautious.  The one area that we are aware of is East of the road about 1 – 2 miles along our Bombardier trail that goes NE from shore.

Just be aware that you may run in to some areas that the standing water has not frozen solid as of yet when you venture off the main road.

Thank-you, Dale and Connie Peterson