May 14, 2017

Well, Day of rest today! We sure made good progress Thurs-Sat!!
Huge, huge Thanks to Steve, Kim, Blake, & Nathan for your help Saturday! Such great help! You know we worked hard when we were all in bed at 10:30 pm on a Saturday night!

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Sleeper FOR SALE Cleaned, sign’s up, parked by road, ready for a new home!
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Garden started! Picked rock, cultivated, then planted sweet corn, radishes, cucumbers, pumpkins!
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Steve, Kim, and Blake working the garden job together.
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Dale pulling stumps , stump clean up, excavator, dozer, and Bobcat making it happen!!
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Coming along.
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Still cultivating!
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Brush, twigs, rocks all cleaned up in from the driveway to the swamp.
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Kim, Blake helping us in Measuring and marking the septic 4 corners
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Looking good! Blake needs a break, Steve’s turn!!
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Sweet Corn going in, then pumpkins, cucumbers, and radishes!
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About 1 acre of garden we are guessing!!
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That’s a lot of sticks & Rocks! Many loads ? All done together Steve, Kim, Blake, Nathan even joined in, and myself. We stole Blake from his tree root duties with the Bobcat and had him help us with the rocks. Steve and Blake finished the last 1/3 of the project, let us girls go end our part of the work detail. What good guys!!! This area we will be mowing or making it lawn and is ready to plant a row of trees from road to the swamp. Looking at evergreen/spruce!! Excited!
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Minor set back. Repair done and back at it in under 15 mins.
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Abandoned fish house (yr 2000, many years) cleaned out and ready for demolition.
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Ready, set, GO!!!!

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Cleaned out a second old fish house. Afraid it can’t be brought back to life. ?
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Clothes line pole, gotta come out! Connie’s first excavator job! Team work at it’s best with Dale, Connie, Steve and Blake.
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Instructions from Grandpa to Blake what to do next! Off to the scrap metal pile.
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Blake tossed the clothesline pole and all on the scrap metal pile.

Sleeper Fish House 8 x 16 FOR SALE


8×16 Sleeper Fish House

2 Loft area’s

Approx 2500 lbs – Tires and ski’s included

Questions or Offer’s – Call Dale

@ 320-630-7897

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Fully loaded! Ski’s, tire’s, Table with 4 chairs, 4 bed cushions with covers that are water proof and wash easy (no dryer, hang to dry), new curtains just this last Dec, Flat screen TV , DVD player, and antenna all in great working condition. Did you know you can get 8-10 channels, 3 pots/2 with covers along with utensils. Stove/oven combination, paper towel holder, dish towel holder, small broom and dustpan, night light. Great lighting, with a generator you will have lighting in the front of the sleeper, the mid section over the table another larger florescent light over the stove and then one more light on the back wall for a softer light if you would like. There is also 2 12 volt lights with battery boxes. Batteries we used are your vexilar batteries! Worked great.

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We are selling one of our 8 x 16 Sleeper Fish House’s!! Sleeps 4, 8 fishing holes, comes with 4 cushions and cushion covers plus lots more! Scroll down to see all the fun details of this great Sleeper Fish House. We provide summer storage for $100 so you wouldn’t even have to haul her home. She would be ready to go on the ice in Dec/Jan and bring her off the lake end of ice season and store her right here! Does come with both tire’s and ski’s that are a easy switch out!!

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side view

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side view

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Back View- on your left is where we plug in the generator for full power just like at home!! We use Honda 2000 generators with the BERG system where you can add a 3 or 6 gallon gas tank to give you longer running time before fueling up again. On the right is the Propane connections with regulator and shut-off valves.

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Here you can see the frame/hitch/raising and lower with standard cranking system. This picture also includes the ski’s. The pin you see in the center is removed and the ski’s placed under the axle per say, line up the holes with the axle and push the pin/shaft back in and off you go. Sorry, they had some standing water in the and with a little clean up they will be like new again. They also have the white plastic bolted to the bottom of the ski’s for easy moving. You can move this house with a chisel and a push on the snow and ice. We usually mark the holes, pull ahead and then drill and clean the holes, then back the sleeper back onto the holes. Set her down and adjust with a chisel to move her side to side or back an forth a inch or two just to get the holes center if she don’t get right over the holes when backed onto the spot. You will get the hang of it!

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As you can see here we have the tires on the winching side arms. You bull the tire off and the ski’s slide on to the axle and vice versa. You the winching design sure helps cut down on the heavy lifting and hook up really works out well. Once the house is raised up you lift on the tongue, back up and hook up. Same whether tires or ski’s. Above the tire you see the vent for the propane heater!! Yes, comes with a great vented heating system!!

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Here you can see the vented heater on the left, it also has a fan that you can plug in and run with the generator. In this picture you can see we have one bunk down with a cushion on it on the right side behind the table. We store the cushions in the loft area during the day and you can easily access the cushions when you want the on the bed or put away for the day. The cushions are 4.5 inches thick and have a waterproof Velcro closing cover over the top. Easy to machine wash, however, because of the waterproof material we recommend not to dry them in the dryer. Just let them air dry. We have 4 chairs, 3 pots, two with covers and some utensils, paper towel holder/paper towel roll, fire extinguisher, towel rack is by fire extinguisher, 12 volt light over stove and over table along with two florescent light bars. For safety reasons we designated the two loft areas for storage only but one could easily make the two loft areas into sleeping areas. You would need to have to make some changes to easily gain access to the loft areas if you plan on sleeping up there. As you can see there is 4 fishing holes in the back half of the Sleeper and 4 fishing holes in the front of the sleeper that have good spacing. The hole covers help when moving the sleeper and covering up the holes when you are not fishing.

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A nice mirror if needed. Believe it or not this was a request from one of our fellow guests that wore contact lenses and suggested a mirror!! So we did!! New curtains for this sleeper this past Dec. Window are easily open and closed and have locking mechanisms. You can see how the bunk is placed up against the wall and latched to hold it there when not in use. Each bunk has a flip out leg for extra support when down for sleeping.

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Good condition Flat Screen TV (21 inch I think) DVD player works great, universal TV remote and the TV antenna!! All working good! Up to 10 channels with this set up!!

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Here we have the front loft area. It is a nice area for storage and you can reach it with the bunk down but you may want to make a change on how to access this area. This light is the best and we have the light switch’s right by the door.

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Little closer view of the loft area over the back part of the Sleeper Fish house.

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Vented heater, sorry I spilled varnish on the front and couldn’t get it off, comes with the dial on top for adjusting the heat and the initial starting with the pilot, the bottom door opens for the striker to light the heater. You can see the outlet for plugging in the fan if you would like the circulation of the heat. We did have a ceiling fan in this Sleeper but if was removed after it broke and we did not replace it, however you would have all you need to put in a ceiling fan if you would like.

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4 chair’s

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Who Hungry!?

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Ready for bed, this is all the comforts of home, twin bed style!! Who can’t do this for a few nights on the ice!! I have been there and find them very comfy!!!

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No excuse’s for not seeing the fish that’s for sure.!!!!

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Love this light!!!! LED bulb’s!!!

Image may contain: sunglassesOutside light, comes in handy when you are looking for the salsa and sour cream to go with that beer!!! Sorry, I broke the glass when I cleaned the sleeper in Nov. We bought this light at Menards and should be easy to replace if you want to. So sorry!

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Four place outlet and nightlight/flashlight.

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Carbon monoxide detector!!

No automatic alt text available.Cabinet that holds, paper plates, bowls, paper towels, you name it! We kept all the meal time paper products in here with room to spare.

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Inside view of cabinetNo automatic alt text available.

2 fishing holes front on left

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These two fishing holes are on the right of the stove/oven if facing the back of the sleeper.

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Same on the opposite side in the back of the Sleeper.

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2 fishing holes in front on left if facing back of sleeper


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View of the back half of the sleeper including the table.

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Pictures a little dark but this is the front half including the table. Here you can see the light switches on the left and by the door on the right is the yard stick to measure the fish!!!

5 . 11 . 2017

Starting the clearing for the septic system. Tools required for project. Excavator, chain saw, fuel, oil and 2 operators. One of these day’s it will be mine turn in the excavator but today Dale excavator, Connie chainsaw.

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May 11, 2017

I think we are going to have a busy few days.
When you have people take time out of their busy lives to help you you have to let them know what the plan is right! Off to get the burning permits!!
On Sunday we will let you know how we did!?

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May 7, 2017

Just working on prepping the land where the cabins will be built!

Tree stumps coming out, piling into burn piles. Dale in the Excavator and I am the Bobcat operator. Dale digs them out! My job to get as much dirt off the stump and but them together to dry and get ready to burn!
Team work!!

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Spring is Here!! I think!!

Just an update on what the two of us are up to!

We took a break from everything for about 8 days.  We were invited to attend a hockey tournament in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.  Our grandson, Jayden, was one of the kids choose to play in this tournament with the Ely Heavy Metal Hockey Team!  Quite an honor for him to be chosen and quite an honor to be asked to attend.

Dale and I drove the 16 hours and made a fun trip out of it! Our first stop was to drop off the Yeti Cooler, to our Grand Prize Winner Dave Olson!

Dale and I had a super time traveling and spending time in Niagara Falls!  We are now back home and the wrenching jobs are coming in for Dale’s Mobile Repair which is great.

Summer projects are still on hold as we are waiting for the land to dry up from the snow melt and the Spring Thaw.  Once we can start moving around without getting muddy we will be well on our way getting tree stumps out and start moving and hauling dirt.

The other goals we have for this summer are building 3 more Day houses to have available for early ice and late ice only.  This way when a guest have a Sleeper reservation in Dec or March/April and the ice conditions are not quite up to par for the Sleeper houses our guests would have the option of staying in the sleeper on land or in the shallow area of the lake and fishing during the day in a Dayhouse.

We will continue to have 8 Sleepers and 3 days house’s this coming ice fishing season as we did this past winter.  We have the one 8 x 16 Sleeper with a loft in it up FOR SALE and keeping the 8 x 16 built the same as our larger sleepers for 1-3 guests any day of the week (no minimum).

We are building a new 10 x 18 Sleeper this summer to replace the 8 x 16 we are selling!  Upgrade!  Whoo Hoo!! So when you book and you are a group of 4 you will be in a 10 x 18 sleeper no questions asked!!  No more worries!!

We will be putting new carpet in 2 of the Sleepers as the carpet just seems to be not as nice as it could be.  We will be painting the chalk board paint on the underside of the bunks and add chalk markers to the Sleepers for a fun way to track your fish count!  This was a super idea from Craig Robson, one of our guests who has been coming to us since almost the beginning of Dale’s Fish House Rental!

We will be building a new generator box, we are short one, and we are looking at building ski’s for the generator boxes to eliminate the lifting along with making the moves quicker!!

Going to take a stab at solar lighting for the bathroom’s.  We will see how this goes, we sure are open to idea’s.  This year we tried the glow-bowl motion light and I thought it helped  when I was doing my cleaning duties after dark!!  I have seen our guest’s come with their own bathroom lighting and liked what I saw.  So planning stages still in the works.

As far as concrete work and building the shower house/storm shelter/fish cleaning building our fingers are crossed and hoping we can get this land cleared so we can start structures and tree planting!!

Just so you know we take ice house rental reservations all year round so if you want to book your fishing trip now the book is ready when you are!!  We do have several reservations already booked so sooner than later is a better way to go!!  We thank-you!!!

Thanks for following our progress and keeping tabs on us!!

Dale and Connie Peterson

Dale’s Fish House Rental – Lake of the Woods