Oct 4, 2017

We are going our separate way’s this morning! Dale 2 more day’s of wrenching and I’m heading home to LOTW’s to get back to getting ready for ice!!!
Back together again Friday!!! ☺️❤️

Oct 4th, 2017 Fishing Report from Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau!!

Fishing report from Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau Oct 5, 2017 via email to dmrservice@hotmail.com
Fishing report Update!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fishing Report For October 4, 2017

Fishing is excellent! Walleyes in good numbers along the south shore, Long Point, Zippel Bay, Lighthouse Gap, Four Mile Bay and in river. Anglers filling livewells. Walleyes are fat, full of shiners. 18-30 feet holding fish. Anchor up with a jig with a shiner minnow. Pink, pink/white and gold have been the best colors. Reefs holding fish as well.

Rainy River anglers finding walleyes feeding heavily chasing shiners. Vertical jigging tipped with a shiner is best method. Some anglers trolling crankbaits with success as well. Smallmouth bass, pike and crappies showing up. Good numbers of sturgeon of all sizes being caught with some over 50″ and 60″.

Up at the Northwest Angle, in MN waters, jigging with pink, white or gold producing big numbers of walleyes daily. Current areas between the islands and off deep holes in 10-24 ft. Ontario crappie fishing is on fire in deeper holes off of protruding points in well known areas. Orange is the hot jig color. Muskies being caught while trolling and by unsuspecting walleye anglers