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Ice Conditions

Ice conditions remain good.  Dale put the extensions on this morning on both the Jiffy and the Ion!!

Small amount of snow coverage but boy that wind has made some amazing drifts!

The broken up areas of the lake from the early freeze over are still visible and need to be avoided.


Ice Conditions 1/3/2015

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2015!!!

Here we are in the 3rd day of the year and we have SNOW!!

The ice is 20 inches + and we have only one break between shore and our Fish Houses with no problems at all.

Another pressure break further North of our houses which is causing no problems with our Fish Houses either.

So all is good.

Lots of snow through out the night approximately 6 inches of fluffy snow.  B12 was ready to go this morning and everyone was out to their Day House and Sleeper this morning riding in the B12.