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We have gotten our first load of steel to start the building of Two New Sleepers.
These sleepers will be 10 x 18 and will Sleep 4.
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Friday - March 30, 2018 Winter Lake Access Update

Winter Lake Access Update
Open to vehicles, ATV/4 wheelers, and sled’s only, NO WHEEL HOUSES

Access fee is $5 per axle! $10 for vehicle, $15 if pulling a single axle, $20 is pulling a tandem. Even if you leave the trailer in the parking area.

We have all Parking on the shoreline/lake

Plowed areas/Ice conditions remain the same , good conditions to No. Arnesen’s reef and Twin Island’s. No. Arnesens reef road is the roughest and has a crack approx. 6 inches wide we are putting a bridge over right now. Plowed areas are still going good but do have potholes.

Access information line 218-442-6661 – changed to 8 am -10 pm as we now are waiting until daylight before checking plowed areas.

Access Remains Closed Thursday 2/1/18

Due to the continued wind and drifting our Winter Lake Access is CLOSED

We will continue to update you as the day unfolds.  The Wind is suppose to die down this afternoon, we are ready and waiting!

We will be out plowing as soon as Mother Nature shut’s off the wind!!

You will be notified as soon as the plow’s leave the yard!!

Access line is 218-442-6661 7am – 10 pm for updates along with our FB page and this website.


Dale and Connie Peterson

6782 Gull Rock Rd NW, Roosevelt, MN


Access is Open again!

Winter Lake Access

Dale’s Fish House Rental  and Winter Lake Access

6782 Gull Rock Rd NW, Roosevelt, MN

Plowing is completed and Winter Lake Access is Open

We again have plowed to Twin Island Area and We have plowed South of Arnesen’s Reef.

Information Line is 218-442-6661

You may call this line for a daily update from 7a.m to 10 pm only




6 a.m. Monday 1/15/2018

Dale’s Winter Lake Access – Lake of the Woods
Good “Snowy, Windy” morning to you!!
6782 Gull Rock Rd NW, Roosevelt
Plowing will begin when wind diminishes!!

If you are able to stay put, please do, the least amount of traffic will allow better plowing.

We will re-open as soon as the plowing is completed!!! We will keep you posted.

Thank- you everyone!!! Thank- you!!!

Dale & Connie