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We have gotten our first load of steel to start the building of Two New Sleepers.
These sleepers will be 10 x 18 and will Sleep 4.
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How is it Going out here on Lake of the Woods - Gull Rock Area!!

How is it going? Inquiring minds want to know!!!!

We have had our Sleepers and Day houses out going on our second week now and fishing has been pretty good.  There have been some slow times for sure but all in all good fishing. Now as far as our Lake Access!
Well!! As many of you know – it is an ice heave haven out here! We are keeping our Lake Access open to ATV’s and Snowmobile’s due to the conditions we found yesterday.
Dale ventured out to see of the possibilities of somehow getting through or around ice heaves in order to open to vehicles and fish house’s. The results were bittersweet.
There may be a way but it will entail literally “busting” through some of the ice heaves and we will not know if that will even work! The “BITTER” part of this is the crack by Gull Rock that run’s East and West! The ice on both sides of the crack, in the area that Dale checked, is only 3 inches to 5 inches thick. You and I both know 3 inches will not hold any vehicle,will not hold much of anything!
So what does this mean???? We will continue to only be open to ATV’s and Snowmobiles and we will be back out there to check the conditions again in the next 48 hours. We are talking about going out to that area and clean it off so she can gain some inches. We may have all gained a few inches over the holiday that we now will spend time working off but not the case here. WE WANT TO GAIN INCHES HERE ON LAKE OF THE WOODS – GULL ROCK AREA!!!
To top it off we have build some pretty darn nice bridges this year. The one bridge is out at the end of the staked trail that heads towards Gull Rock! We also have a staked trail with smooth sailing and NO crack or bridge towards Twin Islands.
As we have said over the past week – PLEASE AS YOU VENTURE OUT ON YOUR OWN – CHECK THE ICE AS YOU GO – ice thickness can change quite fast!!!!

Ice Fishing Report from Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau

12/21/2017 Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau fishing report via email to
Fishing Report For December

Ice fishing continues to be very, very good. The morning bite has been great for walleyes and then the bite turns to more saugers with some walleyes mixed in for the afternoon. Varying ice conditions all over the lake so please go through a resort and stay on the marked ice roads as they are checked daily. Water clarity is good. Auger extension could be necessary in spots. Ice conditions vary right now so please call ahead to the resort you plan on going out of to check ice report and what type of vehicles are being let out if you are bringing your own gear. If using resort and they transport you, no worries as they will have you covered. Walleyes and saugers are loving pink and gold jigs tipped with a shiner. Sorting through smaller fish with nice keepers mixed in. Quite a few big fish coming up the holes as well.

On the Rainy River, ice stretches from shore to shore and some locals are out who know the river well but ice varies greatly, currents change thus overall unsafe for consistent travel and fishing at this time. Safety First.

NW Angle fishing is excellent and has good ice where resorts are traveling and ice fishing. Thin ice spots in the typical current and neck down areas to be avoided. Snowmobile trail from Wheeler’s Point to Oak Island is marked and open. Lots of ice chunks around, stay on trail, don’t speed. Resorts are checking ice conditions daily, marking trails, and placing houses. 12-18″ of ice where resorts are fishing

email received from

Winter Lake Access Update

Dale’s on Lake of the Woods -Winter Lake Access
6782 Gull Rock Rd NW
Roosevelt, MN

Checked Ice conditions yesterday we will have to keep our access to ATV’s and snowmobiles until Jan 1st. Least ice found 10 inches.

We will continue to check ice by snowmobile and see if we will be able to plow around all the breakers/ice heaves.
We will continue to keep you posted.

Winter lake access information
7am-10 pm
Please call this number for lake access information and if you have questions, leave a message and we will give you a call back as soon as we can.

Dale & Connie Peterson

Ice Conditions -- Winter Lake Access Update 12/13/2017

Dale’s Fish House Rental and Winter Lake Access
6787 Gull Rock Road NW
Roosevelt, MN

Ice conditions are improving. Checked ice thickness again today East and we gained!
Friday back out to the areas that were 5-7 inches and see what progress we made.
Work on getting through an area towards Gull Rock on Fri or Sat.

Access remaining closed at this time.

Stay tuned
Right now the message on our machine is that we are closed but once we open our winter lake access you can call our landline for daily updates.
Landline phone number hours to call are 7am-10 pm 218-442-6661