Connie's B12 for the 2015-2016 Ice Fishing Season

The renovation of my (Connie’s) B12 is well on it’s way thanks to Brad and Justin.  Brad, Brad Larsen, own’s and operates Northwood’s Collision Center in Ely, MN  Justin, our son, lives in Ely and is friends with Brad!  Lucky Us!!

Justin and Brad took pictures of their progress that has happened just over the last few days and this B12 is looking good.  We also had help from Dale’s nephew, Andy.  Andy collects and restores antique car’s and he did the levour’s on the engine door’s at the back of the B12 and also repaired and did some fabrication of side doors too.  Couldn’t make this all happen with the help of other’s!  Thank-you guys!!

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