Emerald Shiner's are running!! Lake of the Woods

Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau news article on the Shiners here in Lake of the Woods for your reading!! Enjoy!!

By Joe Posted October 6, 2016

If you are an outdoorsy person, fall in MN is an incredible season. “Sweatshirt weather” as some call it features the changing colors of the leaves, the migration of birds coming from the north and in these parts, means the shiner and walleye run on the Rainy River.

It’s a fall tradition for many. Coming to the Rainy River to take advantage of the fall run of walleyes chasing the millions of emerald shiners running up the river. Some will jump in with a resort

If you chat with a resort owner or bait dealer, they talk about the shiners in terms of “gallons”. This is the time of the year folks in the bait business really to stock up on the effective and popular bait that is used four seasons per year. Emerald shiners are an awesome bait both alive and frozen. These minnows are normally netted off the ends of docks with big lights at night. When the shiners are running, literally huge schools of bait will swirl under the lights. As we have seen over the past couple of weeks, walleyes and pike are often mixed in with these minnows.
Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau email 10/6/2017 – c –

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