Feb 8, 2015

Fish bite continues to be slow enough where Dale is thinking enough is enough!

We are moving again.  This will be our 8th move just trying our best to stay on fish.

So many say “It’s fishing, not catching” and we so appreciate those that view slow fishing as such.

However, it is our ultimate goal to keep our ice houses on fish.

We can honestly say that each guest has caught fish with every stay.  Fact is it is unusually slow fishing this year.

We had a camera down at the bottom again yesterday.  It was 2 p.m. and saw nothing.  What we did see was

these little “penguin” looking bugs everywhere just swimming around, laying on the bottom, just tooling around.

Didn’t appear that they are any type of food source for the fish.  Watched for some time showing no fish!

During the week we had fairly good luck.  Had 4 slot fish and some nice perch.  Our guest that just checked out, 2 Dad’s and 2 Children,

had 9 or 10 fish for supper last night.  Nothing like eating a fish right from the lake to the frying pan.


Today we are moving all the Ice Houses we can.  Mike, Dale’s Brother, and his friend Gary, fished 4 different spots yesterday, working and cheking in with Dale all day.  They finally had good luck in the

the final spot he tried.  Found us our new home!!!


We sure appreciate the help of our family and friends who come up here and help us in any and every way they can.

Such good, good people!  We love you all!


Dale and Connie

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