Fishing and Ice Condition Report March 9, 2015

We had a great bunch of people this weekend!  Thank-you to everyone for making ice fishing on Lake of the Woods SO FUN!!

Ice Conditions are real good.  We could definitely tell that the days have warmed up because you can hear the soft snow hit the “wheel well” are of the tracks.

It get’s noisy in the B12 when the snow warms up!!  Ice still remains at 3 feet or better.  With the snow cover the ice is not losing any ground.  We are checking an banking the houses

more with the warmer temps another sign of the warm up we have had for the last 2 days.  This is day 3 and we are really hoping that the fish bite will improve.


Fishing Report

Still slow, but, has picked up.  Our guest were reporting a lot of little ones.  We had one group here from Friday AM to Sunday 1 pm and we cleaned about 20 fish for them for the 2 1/2 days.  They fished in a dayhouse the first day and

we moved a day house to a new location which they fished in Sat and Sunday.  Plus, one slot fish.  Noticing that each day the fish bite was improving.  Yesterday, Sunday, a total of 5 slot fish through out the 9 houses, all Walleye.

So needless to say we are moving around today.  Not sure what the clear plan is as of now.  We may have all houses in one area and we may have the houses scattered around.

We are on the move again and loving it!!!  Wish us luck!!

Bob Barnes Grandson Jasons son March 2015

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