Fishing Report and Ice Conditions 1/17/2015

Fishing Report!

Continues to be Fair. Yesterday was not a very good day, however, we had a group of 7 guys here that stayed with us 2 Days/1 Night and went home with 42 Fish! They had a blast and took home fish for a big fish fry last night!!! Way to go guys!  We also had one of our guests bring in a 29 1/2 inch Walleye at 6:30 pm last night!  That one is going on the wall!!!
I fished the 2 man out a little further North with nothing to show for it and that very well could be because it was too late in the day. Today we will be fishing in the 2 man all day and see what will happen. We also moved one of our Day Houses out there further N. Two different locations near a different reef.

See what happens today as the Barometer has falling to 29.31 which is great. It has been over 30 for the last week.
My Dad fished everyday on Middle Cullen every winter. That is the Fish House I have at home that will someday be here at Lake of the Woods. He strongly believed and watched the barometer and that is what he taught me so this girl believes too!! Today let’s catch some fish the BP is in our favor!!!!
Here Fishy Fishy!!!!

Ice Conditions!
Well we had a nice road out to the sleepers and then again the wind picked up came from a different direction then the weather report and basically filled the road up again. So B12’ing it out with our guests today. Expecting more snow today or tomorrow.

Well folks have a super day and catch you again soon!!!
Dale and Connie Peterson
Dale’s Fish House Rental – Lake of the Woods

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