Fishing Report Update

Fishing is Fair!

We are in the process of moving all our Sleepers and Day houses to the South side of Gull Rock.  We have been in our new location less than 24 hours.  We started fishing this area with one house on Sunday and our scouting house got 6 sauger throughout the day.

We have good structure where we are located now, West of Gull Rock.  Yesterday was slower than Sunday. Some only have a couple in the bucket where other Sleepers had 6 in the bucket.

All but one of our Sleepers just got checked in yesterday.  We are going to give this location a few days to see what develops.  West of Gull Rock has been doing good the entire ice fishing season from the weekly reports so we may just have to wait it out a bit and see what comes through!!

We have had a few reports from the 16 mile reef and so far none have been that they have been doing very well.  Our location NE of Gull Rock we were getting fish as late as Sunday where our day house ended up with 6 in the bucket with a Full Day of fishing for 3 people.  Not the greatest but putting some in the bucket.

The bite has been light all season and the colors that have been the best are coming out with pink/gold glitter, blue, and plain hook.

seems like the dead stick is in the lead for catching most.  Have had some 16 – 20 inch sauger’s this year.  Still low on the walleye count, mostly sauger.  Burpit have slowed down also but still we were averaging 2 per house per stay.  A few tulipee’s and we have seen an increase on some nice looking Perch.

There is very few houses out on Arneson’s reef now due to the breaker but there was some good reports coming from Gull Rock to Arneson’s reef of a few people limiting out over the last couple weeks.

We will continue to update you on the fish bite as we receive reports!  Are hope is to reopen the access soon but just have to wait and see what will take place each day for improvements.

Call with questions 320-630-7897

Dale and Connie Peterson

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