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Fishing Report/Ice Conditions


Had 3 Sleepers with guests and 2 groups of Day house guests yesterday that all left with fish and were very happy! So glad all had such a good time. Today all the sleepers are full but one which has a check in at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. Al...ready off to a fun weekend with our Guests.
The Day houses have openings for this weekend if anyone is looking to get some fishing. Just call 320-630-6734 and reserve a fish house today!!!! We also have our Newest built 10 x 18 Sleeper open next weekend due to a cancellation if your interested. Just give Connie a call at 320-630-6734!!!

Sleepers and day house's are full. Fishing is a little slower. 

One guest crossed off two bucket list events! One to ride in a B12 Bombardier and one to catch a Burbit and cook up the back straps. Both took place within the first day with us here on Lake of the Woods. 

Today we had a second wish list item fulfilled! The young gentleman wanted his wife to catch her first walleye! She was able to reel in a 24 inch walleye today!! She also caught a smaller walleye before the 24 inch!!

These are just a few of the many first's here on Lake of the Woods - Rocky Point. There have been many or our guests that have made fishing history for themselves. You just couldn't ask for anything more! 

Tonight we have two sleeper houses that are wishing to go to Rock Harbor Lodge for a little fun after the fish shut down tonight! Another fun ride in the B12! 

There is still openings, both weekdays and weekends, if you would like to have a little "vacation on ice" with us!! Call Connie @ 320-630-6734

Come have some fun with us here on Rocky Point
Dale Peterson Fish House Rental - Lake of the Woods

Review 1/22/2014

We had a great time fishing up at Lake of the Woods!! Thanks to Dale & Connie Peterson for being such great hosts.

Red's Irish Pub left us today.  Reported 100 fish went home with this group!  Not a bad couple days of fishing.  Well you know we really didn't fish the entire time we were together, however, when the fish bite was going on there was a whole lot of reeling up!!!  Some big one's got away!!!

It was a real good time.  Thank-you Brian and Kelly for getting this all together and all your hard work!!!

Review 1/21/14:

Hi Dale and Connie,
Just wanted to thank you two for the great ice fishing experience this last weekend. Riley and Brandon had the time of there life staying in the mean green #10 sleeper house and catching so many fish. They also would not quit talking about the ride in the snow groomer to grade the snow away from the ice houses. The whole experience with all the amenities and the excellent service was way more than I expected. We are already thinking about the trip next year when we come back. Once again, THANK YOU for the great service and luxury accommodations!!!! 
Dave G.

Jan. 19th, 2014

Want to Thank all our guest that have come to us for their fishing adventure on Lake of the Woods ~ Rocky Point. 

We so appreciate your stay with us and hope to see you join us again in the future. We do hope your stay with us was enjoyable. 

This morning again we had guest just check out that said the morning bite was really good. Again, mostly Saugers, but did have a couple walleye's.
We will be adding photos to the website today so check it out when you have some time this coming week.

Want to wish safe travels to all our guests who are heading home today and also to Red's Irish Pub who will be coming for their 2nd annual Fishing Extravaganza with Dale and I arriving tomorrow!! cmp

Jan. 18th, 2014

New location going fairly well.  Reports from each sleeper show walleye, sauger, eelpout, tulipees, and a perch.  We had one guest yesterday that said he caught 5 different species of fish by the end of his day.  We watch one group in our day house have an enjoyable day with a mid-day fish fry! 

It is so great to see friends and families having a enjoyable time on the great Lake of the Woods.

One report of our guest who checked out on Friday reported over 100 fish in the 2 days/2 nights which most went back down in the lake of course.  Varying sizes from little one's to the "one that got away" .  We have had reports of multiple slot fish caught and released in our new location.

The snow came down and the wind blew.  We had drifts as high as our 100 lb propane tanks.  Now we have had sunshine, but cold, for the last two days.  Hoping the fish bite improves or at least keeps going in our new location.  Some houses reported a great morning bite while other houses reported a great evening bite.  All houses reported that the fish just plain shut off between 4 and 5 pm.  Rattle reels getting set up after dark. 

Several guests are setting up tip up's today! 

We will keep you updated!!!  See you next time!

Jan. 12, 2014

Heading out on the lake here in a few minutes to complete the set of Big Red and Mean Green in their new location.  We will have all our sleepers and dayhouses in one location.  Fish bite is going well and we are hoping it continues.  We monitor the fish bite each day. 

We have 3 of our sleepers with guests and they had some pretty good fishing.  2 saugers caught in the first 30 minutes, that morning bite was still on when our guests got settled into their sleeper. 

Over the past weekend the dayhouses also did well, One dayhouse had 2 guests go home with their limits.  The other dayhouses had some good looking 16 inch walleye and sauger.  Our guest Tom had 2- 25" walleye yesterday, pretty fun to say the least. 

After we get the houses done today Dale and I plan to get a few lines down.  Let's hope the day goes well so we can catch some fish this afternoon.

Stay tune for more updates!!! 

Jan. 9, 2014

Good Morning!!!!  Today we have 9 above, believe it or not.  Still cold out there with that wind.  We also have snow coming down today. 

Well we did accomplish getting all the houses moved to East of Gull Rock, we started Sunday and got the last house in place last night!!  Yeah!!!!

Fish bite has improved, weather conditions have improved, so let's get fishing.  All of our guests caught fish yesterday which makes everyone happy!!!

We celebrated Dale's birthday.  Thank-you to Jeremy, Robyn, Logan, and Kendra for taking Dale out to Rock Harbor to celebrate both Jeremy's and Dale's birthday's.  Now today is another great celebration!!!!  Today Dale and I are celebrating our 21st Wedding anniversary.  21 years ago today Dale and I were married in our fish house on Fish Trap Lake (Lover's Point), in Lincoln, MN.  We had 18 inches of ice for the stretch limo, minister and 17 guests all packed in to our 8 x 12 fish house.  Dale even had the lines down hoping we would have a "fish on" during the ceremony.  He had the lines set up in a buzzer system.  It would have been a fun addition to the wedding, however, no bite during the ceremony. 

Have a wonderful day and let us know if we can book a fun fishing trip for you today.

Ice Conditions

We are in about 19 - 24 inches of ice, there is some areas of the lake that have cracks to stay away from.  This warm weather will be something that will make us keep a close eye on those cracks.  The lake road has been plowed to Gull Rock.

Jan 2, 2014

Happy New Year Everyone!!!  Hope everyone brought the new year in their very own special way and enjoyed every minute of the celebration!!

Today was a bitter -35 degrees here on Lake of the Woods!!  We had a rough start due to the cold but all turned out well in no time at all.  That Dale, it is amazing, he can fix anything.  Oops that reminds me we have a TV on the blink, we will have to get to that tomorrow. 

We did plan on moving our sleepers out by the day houses today.  Due to the frigid  temps we choose not to move them.  Sounds like tomorrow will be the moving day. 

Fish bite - slow but steady.  Each of our sleepers are bring in fish each day.  The bite is slow but when they do bite the reeling begins.  A lot of small ones over the last few days.   A few slot fish went back in the hole today.  The day house did pretty good so we will stay put another day and see what comes up. 

Ice conditions

Well not so good, a crack was discovered today a foot wide, plus a lot of rough ice out there.  We will just continue to work through the ice conditions. 


Merry Christmas to all!  We were busy yesterday with guests enjoying Christmas on the ice.  Dale and I have a Christmas tree out with the sleepers and it sure looks cool at night when the LED lights shine so bright! 

Ice conditions remain questionable towards Gull Rock.  Dale and I went by snowmobile yesterday and found 2 spots by the area that broke up Nov/early Dec. of only 11 inches.  There was a spot of 8 inches reported found in another area of Rocky Point.

Our sleepers are in 12 -19 inches of ice and the depth is 24 feet.  The day houses are out past the 3 cracks that we don't want to venture past with the sleepers as of yet.  The day houses are in 30 feet.  Fishing has been up and down, however, primarily UP!!!!  We had one guest pull in a 30 inch Walleye!  The eelpout have really been wild, it was nothing to see a 12 pounder laying outside.  Seeing a lot of backstraps in freezer bags!!

We will continue to keep checking the ice and finding our way out to the areas around Gull Rock.  Sounds like the temps are going to go down again, we need the cold to get this ice whipped into shape!!!  Wish us luck!! 

Getting the itch to fish?  Come fish with us.  We have the last weekend in January with sleeper openings, Feb has all weekends with opening except the 1st weekend, that weekend has all sleepers booked.  Then in March we have all weekends with openings.  As many of you know the ice fishing season goes to Mid April.  We have openings, however, ALL APRIL RESERVATIONS ARE BASED ON ICE CONDITIONS JUST LIKE IN DECEMBER!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and may 2014 be the best year ever for all of you!!! 

Thanks for visiting our website and we so look forward to making everyone's ice fishing experience a enjoyable trip.



Had a fun, busy weekend!!  There was some good fishing that took place with our guests.  Nice perch, walleye, and eelpout caught this week.  Taking our guests out in the transporter and Geo Tracker.  We are dealing with a breaker and some additional cracks have developed over the last couple days.  In addition to this we are dealing with the earlier snowfall which despite the cold temps the ice development is very slow.  We are seeing anywhere from 5 inches of ice up to over 12 - 17 inches of ice.   We have our Day houses in a area of 12 + inches of ice as is the path to the ice house. 

The access to the lake remains closed due to those areas that are less than desired good ice conditions.  That is the reason we are transporting our guests to their houses and will remain to do that. 



Hello everyone thank you for coming to our website and checking on her progress.

As I'm updating the website Dale is out on the lake grooming a trail.  Placing the day houses tomorrow.

We will finally get out on the lake today to checktF the ice thickness and get the dayhouses on the spot where we want to start fishing .  We have had reports that fishing is going quite well but as of yesterday it was slower so I'm anxious for us to get out fishing. We are thinking of fishing the shallows tonight we will keep you updated.  Thank-you so much for following us have a great day!



Good Wednesday Morning!!

Still in Burtrum waiting for the highways to clear up so we can start moving!!!  Been a couple sad faces around here the last couple days.  Could be worse so the smiles are back on the faces and we are loading the vehicles and still working on the little stuff.  Last 4 windows go in the B12 today! 

No new reports on the ice conditions, no news is good news!!  Ice still holding it's own.  As soon as we get to Lake of the Woods we will be able to give you a first hand report! 

So if your getting the itch to fish  and haven't set up a fishing trip give us a call we have great times on Lake of the Woods, come fish with us.

Dale and Connie
320-630-7897 Dale ****320-630-6734 Connie (reservations)