Ice Conditions and Fishing report March 11th

Hello Everyone!

Today’s Ice Conditions ~ Wed March 11th
No Changes what so ever!!
It was quite chilly out there on the lake today.
The sun did come out for a while and raised havoc on
our banking of the Day Houses nothing that couldn’t get fixed with a shovel full of snow!!
I have a few pictures I will post next so you can get a look at the lake and the condition she is in as of this afternoon!!
Fishing report for today by our guests is that the fishing was fun but slower than yesterday. Did catch fish, yes, yesterday was a really fun day of fishing. We were out on the lake with our guests pretty much most of the day and it was just so fun when they come out of the Day House or Sleeper and hold up their fish! I just love it. The buckets had fish in them today despite the East wind, fish bite the least!!!
Thanks for following us and we will visit again later!!


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