Jan. 11. 2015

Fishing remains fair to slow over this past couple weeks.  Consistent however, the fish are going in the bucket.

Just had a group of 4 go home with 3 limits which was very exciting to hear.

Yesterday, Jan. 10th, Dale and I set up our little 2 man scouting house out in the mud about 30 feet.

I stayed out there for 4 hours in the afternoon and only had two bright red marks come through suspended.

Went after it but had no luck.  At least now I know there is no fish in that area.  So off to my next pick for

checking out if the fish are hiding over in this spot!!!

Moving three Sleepers today a little further NW of where we currently are located.

Here Fishy, Fishy!!!!

Stay tuned with our next fishing report in the next week.


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