June 14, 2016

Huge Thank-you to all our children and grand-children that were able to come to our home this past weekend and volunteered to help out with tree cutting, limbing, hauling branches, piling it all up to burn, and mowing grass.
We have a good start on the new road.
Also the work done on the Dozer, Dumptruck, and lawnmower!
You were all so awesome.
Of course, all the fun we mixed in was so great, water balloon fights, swimming, and enjoying hanging out together after the work was done!

Looking pretty good, long way to go!! Start of the new road for Cabin’s, RV, and winter access!
Blake running the Bobcat! Steve worked the chainsaw all day!!! Best help ever!
Girl Power!!!
Jay getting all the dirt off the stumps before going to the burn pile.
Meeting of the minds!
Jay cutting all the limbs off the trees before we cut them into 8 ft pieces.
Dozer Dale
Just a working away!

Standing back, Timber!!

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