June 21, 2017 Fishing Report

This week’s email from Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau!
Update on how fishing is going on the beautiful Lake of the Woods!!
Fishing Report For June 21, 2017

Overall, a great week of fishing. High winds and storms early to the middle of last week made fishing difficult at times. Dirty water from the winds didn’t help fishing but the storms have passed fishing has resumed to its previous level, great! Depending on the wind pulling spinners is effective but many fish still being caught with a jig and shiner or jig and a leech. Key depths between 11-18′ or 30-31′ of water. In 5-11 feet along shorelines the shiner spawn is on and the walleyes and saugers are chowing down. Good number of large pike mixed in with walleyes right now.

Walleyes in the Rainy River with a good morning bite. Trolling cranks a good idea to cover a large portion of water. Multi-species bag often the result. Smallmouth bass are feeding strong in bays, feeder streams, rock, under docks, and weed edges. Sturgeon fishing opens again July 1st.

Up at the NW Angle, walleye fishing excellent on wind blown shore lines. Little Oak, Oak, Flag Island flats all holding fish. 18-26′ a consistent depth with some shallow fish in 4-14′. Harnesses with a bottom bouncers or a jig and minnow. Some pulling cranks as well in the shallows. Colors as always should include gold, pink, glow colors and bright colors. Muskie season is now open with some nice fish being boated. The water temps dropped due to some storms thus locations of fish has varied.
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