March 28th, 2015

Fishing was doing good through Friday.
Yesterday slowed down, however, with the Sleepers, Day Houses, and portables there were several slot fish!!! Rest were mid to little size fish. Better improved end of the day and the there were some fish caught by the guys that moved to the shallows at 4 pm
All in all not a real bad day of fishing but not all that great. Little moving around. Day Houses are going to stay where they are today and some of the rest of our groups will move to new spots with the portables. Barometer has been in the 30’s since Thursday and is now 30.11 and falling! Let’s hope fishing improves today.
Lake conditions are holding up nicely with the drop in the temps at night and some of the past days have been “chilly’. Yesterday was a nice day, chilly, but not too bad at all.
Today the high is suppose to be 45 with a Low of 35 and the barometer falling. Nice day to be on the ice!!
Thank-you to all the guys with us this final weekend!!
Thank-you to all who came to fish with us over this ice fishing season of 2014-2015!!!

Dale and Connie

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