New Sleeper 2016/2017

Sunday- Lumber all here, frame complete and outside, floor on and 3/4 done!
Better get some sleep, up in 2 hours to get back out there.
Finish the floor and start the walls!!
I just am amazed how smooth each day goes the two of us working together- it is like we are an extension of each other. It is really cool. ?new-lumber-for-new-sleeper-2016 new-lumber-for-new-sleeper-20162 new-sleeper-2016 new-sleeper-2016-2 new-sleeper-frame-2016 new-sleeper-frame-20162 new-sleeper-frame-20163 new-lumber-for-new-sleeper-3new-sleeper-starting-floordale-welding-new-sleeper-frame

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