Requirements for Reservations


It is just so much easier to be able to talk with you and to obtain the necessary information for your reservation.  # of guests in your group, check in and check out times, bait, transporting you to your ice house, etc.  Just feel we do a better job with your reservation when we are able to talk with you on the phone.  Thank-you for understanding this part of the making reservations with us!  We sure appreciate you doing this for us!!  Dale and Connie


  • 7 days a week there is no minimum number of people required



  • Week days -10 x 18 Sleepers ~ Monday through Thursday there is no minimum number of people required. 8 x 16 No minimum any day of the week
  • Week ends- 10 x 18 Sleepers only~ Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Minimum requirement is 3 people/Per Sleeper .  8 x 16 Sleeper~ no minimum 7 days a week
  • No Deposit is required at this time, however, we have had some issues this year and may need to change this part of reservation requirements.
  • Must have a valid credit card when making reservation.  We may need to complete a Pre-Authorization check prior to your Check-in Day.
  • Check in and Check out times are decided by You and rates will be according to these times that you decide.
  • Cancellation or changes to your reservation: we ask that you notify us of any and all changes to your reservation within 48 hours of your Check in time or your reservation. We ask that you call anytime you have any changes to your reservation please call us so we have  updated reservation information.  Changes in Check in time/check out time, number of people you are reserved for.


Regarding Check – In Times for Sleepers and Day Houses !!!  We need your help!!

I will do my best to ask this of our guests and not offend anyone.

At the time of making a reservation we ask what time will you be arriving for your Check-In. I do know that trip arrangements can change between reservation and the day you finally get to take off for your fishing trip.

We are just asking that if you find you will be arriving to us at a time different then what you set up as your Check-In time would you PLEASE call us to let us know that you are changing your Check – In time and what your NEW time of arrival will be whether earlier or later. Even if you decide to stop on the way. Please call us at 320-630-6734 or 320-630-7897.

Dale and I, too, will do everything in our power to be here at the house when you arrive. There is always those circumstances that come up both traveling and on the lake and I know we can work together and help each other out!!!

Please contact us if you have any questions at all.
Thank-you and we sure hope you understand our need for this request.

Dale and Connie Peterson
Dale’s Fish House Rental – Lake of the Woods

Dale 320-630-7897

Connie 320-630-6734


6 thoughts on “Reservations”

  1. Hello!
    My name is Tyler Lucas, my father and I are looking to take a trip to your guys’ resort the weekend of January 12-14.
    Is that weekend still available?
    Thank you very much and have a good day!

  2. We are interested in a sleeper house for January, around the middle of the month. It will be only the two of us. Interested in a 2 day /2night, possibly 3day/3night weekday stay. How is the ice up there ? Very bad down here in mid Minnesota, Lake Minnewaska? Do you have rattle reals in your sleepers? We will be calling to confer deals. Our phone numbers are: : 320-334-1543 or Harold’s is : 320-334:1782
    Thank you and looking forward to hearing or talking to you.

  3. Hello Gene,

    Thank-you for contacting Dale and I! I am sorry to say our Sleepers are all booked. However, we do have Day house openings if that is of interest to you! Please feel free to call me, Connie, at 320-630-6734 if you have any questions.
    Thank-you again!!
    Connie Peterson – Dale’s Helper 🙂

  4. Hello Jannene,

    Thank-you for contacting Dale and I! I am sorry to say that our Sleeper for 1-3 guests is booked for the month of January. We do have openings during the week in Feb and March if they would work for you two!! Please feel free to call me, Connie, at 320-630-6734 if the Feb or March weekdays are of interest.

    Thank-you again,
    Connie – Dale’s Helper 🙂

  5. Hello Tyler,

    So sorry for the late reply, Missed your message!! I am sorry to say that the weekend of January 12th is booked. So sorry!!

    Connie – Dale’s Helper 🙂

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