Spring is Here!! I think!!

Just an update on what the two of us are up to!

We took a break from everything for about 8 days.  We were invited to attend a hockey tournament in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.  Our grandson, Jayden, was one of the kids choose to play in this tournament with the Ely Heavy Metal Hockey Team!  Quite an honor for him to be chosen and quite an honor to be asked to attend.

Dale and I drove the 16 hours and made a fun trip out of it! Our first stop was to drop off the Yeti Cooler, to our Grand Prize Winner Dave Olson!

Dale and I had a super time traveling and spending time in Niagara Falls!  We are now back home and the wrenching jobs are coming in for Dale’s Mobile Repair which is great.

Summer projects are still on hold as we are waiting for the land to dry up from the snow melt and the Spring Thaw.  Once we can start moving around without getting muddy we will be well on our way getting tree stumps out and start moving and hauling dirt.

The other goals we have for this summer are building 3 more Day houses to have available for early ice and late ice only.  This way when a guest have a Sleeper reservation in Dec or March/April and the ice conditions are not quite up to par for the Sleeper houses our guests would have the option of staying in the sleeper on land or in the shallow area of the lake and fishing during the day in a Dayhouse.

We will continue to have 8 Sleepers and 3 days house’s this coming ice fishing season as we did this past winter.  We have the one 8 x 16 Sleeper with a loft in it up FOR SALE and keeping the 8 x 16 built the same as our larger sleepers for 1-3 guests any day of the week (no minimum).

We are building a new 10 x 18 Sleeper this summer to replace the 8 x 16 we are selling!  Upgrade!  Whoo Hoo!! So when you book and you are a group of 4 you will be in a 10 x 18 sleeper no questions asked!!  No more worries!!

We will be putting new carpet in 2 of the Sleepers as the carpet just seems to be not as nice as it could be.  We will be painting the chalk board paint on the underside of the bunks and add chalk markers to the Sleepers for a fun way to track your fish count!  This was a super idea from Craig Robson, one of our guests who has been coming to us since almost the beginning of Dale’s Fish House Rental!

We will be building a new generator box, we are short one, and we are looking at building ski’s for the generator boxes to eliminate the lifting along with making the moves quicker!!

Going to take a stab at solar lighting for the bathroom’s.  We will see how this goes, we sure are open to idea’s.  This year we tried the glow-bowl motion light and I thought it helped  when I was doing my cleaning duties after dark!!  I have seen our guest’s come with their own bathroom lighting and liked what I saw.  So planning stages still in the works.

As far as concrete work and building the shower house/storm shelter/fish cleaning building our fingers are crossed and hoping we can get this land cleared so we can start structures and tree planting!!

Just so you know we take ice house rental reservations all year round so if you want to book your fishing trip now the book is ready when you are!!  We do have several reservations already booked so sooner than later is a better way to go!!  We thank-you!!!

Thanks for following our progress and keeping tabs on us!!

Dale and Connie Peterson

Dale’s Fish House Rental – Lake of the Woods