Thank-you!!!! June 19, 2017

Huge Thank- you to Steve, Kim, Blake, Nathan, Max, and Tom for all your help in the “Tree’s Down” clean up this weekend! We just about got it all!

So, so appreciated your help!

We also would like to thank all of you for your kind words during this storm clean up.  It is not easy to make a call out for help, everyone has their own busy life’s.  You just can’t always get away and it was Father’s Day weekend which we did not realize when we put the “shout-out” for volunteers.

So please know, we know, that you were all with us during this temporary set back.  The clean up went really good!  We pretty much have it licked, we have just  couple more spots that need clean up and we need to get the holes and sod back to the way it should be so we can mow again!!

Thank-you again for all your love, help, and kind words, we know your with us when we cannot be together.  That means so much to us!!

Dale and Connie