Winter Lake Access Thank-you!!

Winter Lake Access!
Just a shout out to all you great people that come through our winter lake access and leave me fun notes! You are all so fun and amazing. We just cannot thank-you enough for all the greatness you share. We are so glad you like what we do and of course there are those that aren’t so nice but are truly out weighed by the good.
We apologize for coming up short on getting to the 16 mile reef. We planned from the start to get there. We were fortunate to have conditons this year where many are able to get to 16 mile reef on their own. Please be safe out there as we come to the last month or ice fishing where the houses can stay out on the lake. Then on to pulling houses on and off everyday or fishing portable. What comes in the future we will do the best we can to give you access to this great Lake of the Wooods.
Connie Peterson
Dale’s Fish House rental lake of the woods

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