Winter Lake Access Update 1/26/2017

Winter Lake Access updated 1/26/2017


Our winter lake access is open, we had only two areas that had water all the way across the road and was only 5 inches deep.  Dale re-routed the road around one of these areas so with the temps dropping it can freeze.  The area is staked off and will be easy for you to follow.  There is water on the right side of the road where we have the bank from plowing and we ask that you DO NOT DRIVE CLOSE TO THE BANK ~ LET IT FREEZE!!  If you would drive in the middle or to the left that would be greatly appreciated.

The winter lake road is out SE of Arneson’s reef and also plowed to the W side of Gull Rock.  There is no bank on the left side and you will be able to pull off to the left and set up.

We ask that you pull at least 50 – 60 yards off the road for plowing purposes.  The snow went down quite a bit with the warm temps but we are finding good ice.  We will be going out to see if we gained any ice in the area past the end of the plowed road.  Past the end of the plowed road we had only 14.5 inches of ice and with the drop in temps we will check this again to see if we can extend the plowing.

We Thank-you all for coming through our access and gaining access to this great part of Lake of the Woods.


Dale and Connie Peterson

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