Winter Lake Access Update Mon 3/27/17

Winter Lake Access update Monday 3/27/17

Landline with updated winter lake access information can be called for updates from 6:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.  218-442-6661
The shoreline is doing good yet. We do have the mat’s from shore to just over the crack which is 50 yards from shore. The crack is 8 inches wide with 2 of the 8 inches open.

Ice conditions – finding 25 inches but losing inches each day. But of course we can’t drill everywhere but that is what we have found on our own checking and reports from other’s.
We have full sun today so we will see what the ice conditons are by the end of today

Fishing Report – Fair Seemed that for the most part many did fairly well but others not so good. Finding a good morning bite and an afternoon/evening bite. Even had bites right through the night periodically with the walleye reported from one house that was out overnight last night.

All houses need to be off the lake by the last day of the month and from what we can see pretty much everyone has their houses off.

We will give you a daily update with the shoreline conditions and will be out doing some fishing of our own hopefully each day especially in the evening and we will report our fishing results to you.

Stay tuned for our report tomorrow!!! Thanks for keeping tabs on what is taking place here through our winter lake access.

Dale and Connie

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