Fishing Report Jan. 22, 2015

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Red’s Irish Pub, Swanville, MN
3rd Annual Fishing Extravaganza with Dale’s Fish House Rental – Lake of the Woods Jan19 – 21, 2015
Huge Thank-you to each of you who joined in on the Fun
Fun – Friends – and Fishing!!!
This group of 23 went home with 72 fish.
Not as many as last year but will make for a great Fish Fry back home!
We so appreciate how everything was cleaned up when you left that was really great of you! Not necessary but very much appreciated.
We had a fun time visiting from one sleeper to the next Monday night and then Tuesday night 14 of us took a trip to the Nite Hawk for some pool, foosball, music, pizza, and cocktails! Another fun ride in the “Let’s Go” bus!!
Look forward to our 4th Annual – date to be determined in the Spring 2015!
Thank-you so very much!
Dale and Connie Peterson
Dale’s Fish House Rental – Lake of the Woods

Moving Sleepers!

Moved 3 Sleepers yesterday! Finished up at 11:30 last night and went back out this morning at 6:00 a.m. and fined tuned the Sleepers. Ready for our Guests arriving this morning.

Day house fishing worked out pretty good in one of the new locations and not so good in the location further SE.
After our Guests arrive this morning Dale and I are back in the Day House for a couple hours and then moving 3 more Sleepers and maybe the other Day Houses.

Looking forward to our Guests arriving tomorrow for the Sleepers we move today!!! Happy Fishing on the beautiful Lake of the Woods!!

Red’s Irish Pub 3rd Annual Fishing Extravaganza!! Jan. 19th

Dale’s Fish House Rental – Lake of the Woods

Red’s Irish Pub, Swanville, MN
3rd Annual Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing Extravaganza!!
Jan. 19th – Jan. 21st
with Dale’s Fish House Rental – Lake of the Woods
Thank-you Bryan and Kelly
Look forward to seeing you on Monday!!!
Dale and Connie

Fishing Report and Ice Conditions 1/17/2015

Fishing Report!

Continues to be Fair. Yesterday was not a very good day, however, we had a group of 7 guys here that stayed with us 2 Days/1 Night and went home with 42 Fish! They had a blast and took home fish for a big fish fry last night!!! Way to go guys!  We also had one of our guests bring in a 29 1/2 inch Walleye at 6:30 pm last night!  That one is going on the wall!!!
I fished the 2 man out a little further North with nothing to show for it and that very well could be because it was too late in the day. Today we will be fishing in the 2 man all day and see what will happen. We also moved one of our Day Houses out there further N. Two different locations near a different reef.

See what happens today as the Barometer has falling to 29.31 which is great. It has been over 30 for the last week.
My Dad fished everyday on Middle Cullen every winter. That is the Fish House I have at home that will someday be here at Lake of the Woods. He strongly believed and watched the barometer and that is what he taught me so this girl believes too!! Today let’s catch some fish the BP is in our favor!!!!
Here Fishy Fishy!!!!

Ice Conditions!
Well we had a nice road out to the sleepers and then again the wind picked up came from a different direction then the weather report and basically filled the road up again. So B12’ing it out with our guests today. Expecting more snow today or tomorrow.

Well folks have a super day and catch you again soon!!!
Dale and Connie Peterson
Dale’s Fish House Rental – Lake of the Woods

Ice Conditions

Ice conditions remain good.  Dale put the extensions on this morning on both the Jiffy and the Ion!!

Small amount of snow coverage but boy that wind has made some amazing drifts!

The broken up areas of the lake from the early freeze over are still visible and need to be avoided.


Jan. 11. 2015

Fishing remains fair to slow over this past couple weeks.  Consistent however, the fish are going in the bucket.

Just had a group of 4 go home with 3 limits which was very exciting to hear.

Yesterday, Jan. 10th, Dale and I set up our little 2 man scouting house out in the mud about 30 feet.

I stayed out there for 4 hours in the afternoon and only had two bright red marks come through suspended.

Went after it but had no luck.  At least now I know there is no fish in that area.  So off to my next pick for

checking out if the fish are hiding over in this spot!!!

Moving three Sleepers today a little further NW of where we currently are located.

Here Fishy, Fishy!!!!

Stay tuned with our next fishing report in the next week.


Ice Conditions 1/3/2015

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2015!!!

Here we are in the 3rd day of the year and we have SNOW!!

The ice is 20 inches + and we have only one break between shore and our Fish Houses with no problems at all.

Another pressure break further North of our houses which is causing no problems with our Fish Houses either.

So all is good.

Lots of snow through out the night approximately 6 inches of fluffy snow.  B12 was ready to go this morning and everyone was out to their Day House and Sleeper this morning riding in the B12.


Fishing Update

The fish bite remains slow.  Checked in with all our guests this morning and looking at 2 -3 fish per house.  Not such a good morning bite today.

We did get quite a bit of snow through the night and the B12 is out on the lake this A.M.

Out scouting around for fish this morning and through out the day.  See if we can see what is going on.  Moved one Sleeper yesterday and will be moving Sleepers tomorrow after we see

what today brings.