Phillip and Amy Feb 26, 2015

Phillip and Amy joined us for the first time this week.  What a wonderful couple.

We thank-you for joining us and so sorry that the fish bite was not so well for you.

Phillip and Amy did put fish in the bucket as we sat and visited last night Phillip was

doing an awesome job cleaning their fish.  So glad you are going to get a meal or two anyway!!

Amy did win with the biggest fish!  Way to go Amy!!

Thank-you again so much for coming to Lake of the Woods to fish with us you two!  Can’t wait to see you again.

Dale and Connie

Check – In Times !! We need your help !!

Regarding Check – In Times!!!  We need your help!!

I will do my best to ask this of our guests and not offend anyone.

At the time of making a reservation we ask what time will you be arriving for your Check-In. I do know that trip arrangements can change between reservation and the day you finally get to take off for your fishing trip.

We are just asking that if you find you will be arriving to us at a time different then what you set up as your Check-In time would you PLEASE call us to let us know that you are changing your Check – In time and what your NEW time of arrival will be whether earlier or later. Even if you decide to stop on the way. Please call us at 320-630-6734 or 320-630-7897.

Dale and I, too, will do everything in our power to be here at the Bunkhouse when you arrive. There is always those circumstances that come up both traveling and on the lake and I know we can work together and help each other out!!!

Please contact us if you have any questions at all.
Thank-you and we sure hope you understand our need for this request.

Dale and Connie Peterson
Dale’s Fish House Rental – Lake of the Woods

Tim and Christina 3 Day/3 Night Stay

So glad to have Tim and Christina and their little puppy too!

Tim and Christina spent 3 Days/3 nights with us in Sleeper #4.  Just heading back home today and had a really fun time.

Taking fish home and making plans to come back again end of March.  What a nice couple, so nice to have them stay with us.

See you again Tim and Christina and Thank-you so very much for joining Dale and I here at

Dale’s Fish House Rental – Lake of the Woods

Feb 26th, 2015 Update

BRrrrrr!  It’s cold out there, BUT, it will be warming up so come on Fish!

Yes, fishing has picked up this morning in some of the Sleepers.

Dale spent some a little time visiting this morning with Rudy in Sleeper #11 and caught a couple fish for Rudy’s house!!

Just helping put fish in the bucket when he can!  What a guy!!

Barometer is up, temps are rising, now let’s pull those fish up the holes!!




Feb. 25th

Feb 25th 

Fishing report:
Back to slow again today
We do have one Sleeper doing real well until today. Couple slot fish today which is a blast for our guests!!!

Feb 24, 2015 Little “BREEZY” out here again today!

Little “BREEZY” out here again today!

Update on Ice Conditions and Fish Bite Feb. 12, 2015

The fishing did get better over the last 2 days.  The new location did not pan out as well as we had hoped.  Moving Sleepers again today.

In the new location there were one real nice 24 inch Walleye got.  Some nice 14 – 16 inch walleye and sauger.   The fishing picked up

in our other location where we have 4 of the 6 Sleepers.  We are moving our all the Sleepers together today and the Day Houses will

be spread out to 3 different locations today and tomorrow.

Fish report:  Sleeper’s total for the last couple days, all 6 Sleepers, was about 70 fish.  Not all were kept!  Just kind of a total from

visiting with each of our guests.

Ice Conditions.  We are dealing with the pressure break and that is going pretty good.  Thank-goodness for the Dozer.  That had helped so much

this year!!  We did get about 4 more inches of snow.  The wind has been pretty strong and the lake access road has been plugged up pretty good.

They are plowing at least to Gull Rock today!  A few vehicles stuck out there due to snow and wind.

We will keep you posted!!!  Stay tuned.

Tim and LeAnn

Dale’s Fish House Rental – Lake of the Woods

Thank-you to LeAnn and Tim for their pictures of their fishing trip with us. Tim/ LeAnn and their daughter Casey have joined us a couple times now and are anxiously waiting to come back again on Wed of this coming week! Oops and Baxter joins in on the fun too!!!
Tim and LeAnn enjoyed both the Sleeper and the Day House! Coming to us during the week giving them a couple different fishing spots to choose from!!
Thank-you Tim, LeAnn, Casey, and Baxter too!!
Look forward to seeing you again!!

Feb 8, 2015

Fish bite continues to be slow enough where Dale is thinking enough is enough!

We are moving again.  This will be our 8th move just trying our best to stay on fish.

So many say “It’s fishing, not catching” and we so appreciate those that view slow fishing as such.

However, it is our ultimate goal to keep our ice houses on fish.

We can honestly say that each guest has caught fish with every stay.  Fact is it is unusually slow fishing this year.

We had a camera down at the bottom again yesterday.  It was 2 p.m. and saw nothing.  What we did see was

these little “penguin” looking bugs everywhere just swimming around, laying on the bottom, just tooling around.

Didn’t appear that they are any type of food source for the fish.  Watched for some time showing no fish!

During the week we had fairly good luck.  Had 4 slot fish and some nice perch.  Our guest that just checked out, 2 Dad’s and 2 Children,

had 9 or 10 fish for supper last night.  Nothing like eating a fish right from the lake to the frying pan.


Today we are moving all the Ice Houses we can.  Mike, Dale’s Brother, and his friend Gary, fished 4 different spots yesterday, working and cheking in with Dale all day.  They finally had good luck in the

the final spot he tried.  Found us our new home!!!


We sure appreciate the help of our family and friends who come up here and help us in any and every way they can.

Such good, good people!  We love you all!


Dale and Connie