March 28th, 2015

Fishing was doing good through Friday.
Yesterday slowed down, however, with the Sleepers, Day Houses, and portables there were several slot fish!!! Rest were mid to little size fish. Better improved end of the day and the there were some fish caught by the guys that moved to the shallows at 4 pm
All in all not a real bad day of fishing but not all that great. Little moving around. Day Houses are going to stay where they are today and some of the rest of our groups will move to new spots with the portables. Barometer has been in the 30’s since Thursday and is now 30.11 and falling! Let’s hope fishing improves today.
Lake conditions are holding up nicely with the drop in the temps at night and some of the past days have been “chilly’. Yesterday was a nice day, chilly, but not too bad at all.
Today the high is suppose to be 45 with a Low of 35 and the barometer falling. Nice day to be on the ice!!
Thank-you to all the guys with us this final weekend!!
Thank-you to all who came to fish with us over this ice fishing season of 2014-2015!!!

Dale and Connie

Saturday March 21

Beautiful Day today.  Ice is remaining at 34 + inches, some areas we drill and it comes out in chunks but other areas solid all the way.

Sunny today, trouble keeping the banking on the houses but making it work!!  Temps remained cool!  Freezing, no thawing today.

Fish bite was better yesterday but still have fish in the bucket.  One Sleeper not so good, only a couple.

The barometer was perfect yesterday.  29 and rising starting at 11 am yesterday.  Today still rising but 30.3 and fishing was down today.

Day houses ran out of minnows today.  Let’s see what tomorrow brings.  Give it another shot tomorrow.

Until next time

Fishing Report/Ice Conditions March 18th, 2015

Fishing report!

Combination of results among the Sleepers and Dayhouses.
Still slow, however some houses didn’t do too bad.

Ice Conditions remain pretty much the same.  We have had the sun  beating down on the ice but the cold temps has helped maintain the ice and some of the snow that remains on the ice.  We are traveling around the area where are sleepers are finding soft snow and hauling it in our little sled so we can bank our houses.

March 17th Update

Tuesday March 17th

Lake condition pictures for today!!

Fishing slower today for those that were fishing with us yesterday. Couple slot fish today. John’s group was 50/50 in their sleeper. Two of the Four guys getting all the fish today. Hit double digits in # of fish caught. Not all keepers.
Thanks to John H’s group for treating us to supper tonight at Rock Harbor. That was pretty nice!
Will be anxious to see your Burbit outside your sleeper in the AM!!!

Sunday March 15th ~ Sad to see you Go!!

So sad to see everyone go home.

We thank each and everyone of you for joining us this weekend.

Matt S., Don K., Amil T., Denise W., Tiffany Z., and Gary U.
Your fishing groups were so enjoyable. It was fun to visit and catch fish even if the bite was not all that great. We know there were several houses that had 20+ fish caught. Gary’s group went home with a nice bag of fish. Many of the Sleepers cooked what they kept. The Ladies went home with 19 fish and are plan to get together in the next couple weeks for a fish fry!!!

Thank-you again. We so appreciate you fishing with us!!!
Dale & Connie
Dale’s Fish House Rental – Lake of the Woods

Update for Ice conditions and Fishing Report Sunday March 15th

Lake conditions still doing OK, the sun almost got all the snow.  The ice has deteriorated but we have temps that will freeze everything up again coming for this week.

Getting tougher to bank as the snow melts and the wind doesn’t help either.

Fishing report. Friday has been the best day so far. Early yet to report for today. Few fish in the buckets today. Neighbors went to 12 mile and had the same results. Lot of small one’s.

Our houses had at least 3 slot fish over the last couple days, yesterday 2 for sure.


We will keep you up to date!!  See you tomorrow if not later today.

Update for March 12th – posted March 13th

Ice Conditions

Still have snow cover. No loss of ice.
Drilled holes for Mean Green at 6 pm last night and ice was good.
This morning it is cool and the standing water by the bunkhouse is frozen solid!!!
Fish bite was slow yesterday!! We are on the reef and the fish bite was good Friday through Tuesday and then it slowed way down. Yesterday our Dayhouse and Sleeper Guest caught 6 per house. Fish are biting light and getting off before we can get them to the top was the report. Smaller the minnow the better!!!
Miles latched onto a nice one yesterday but it got off before he could get it to the top, was a nice fight for awhile.

 See you later!!


Ice Conditions and Fishing report March 11th

Hello Everyone!

Today’s Ice Conditions ~ Wed March 11th
No Changes what so ever!!
It was quite chilly out there on the lake today.
The sun did come out for a while and raised havoc on
our banking of the Day Houses nothing that couldn’t get fixed with a shovel full of snow!!
I have a few pictures I will post next so you can get a look at the lake and the condition she is in as of this afternoon!!
Fishing report for today by our guests is that the fishing was fun but slower than yesterday. Did catch fish, yes, yesterday was a really fun day of fishing. We were out on the lake with our guests pretty much most of the day and it was just so fun when they come out of the Day House or Sleeper and hold up their fish! I just love it. The buckets had fish in them today despite the East wind, fish bite the least!!!
Thanks for following us and we will visit again later!!


Fishing and Ice Condition Report March 9, 2015

We had a great bunch of people this weekend!  Thank-you to everyone for making ice fishing on Lake of the Woods SO FUN!!

Ice Conditions are real good.  We could definitely tell that the days have warmed up because you can hear the soft snow hit the “wheel well” are of the tracks.

It get’s noisy in the B12 when the snow warms up!!  Ice still remains at 3 feet or better.  With the snow cover the ice is not losing any ground.  We are checking an banking the houses

more with the warmer temps another sign of the warm up we have had for the last 2 days.  This is day 3 and we are really hoping that the fish bite will improve.


Fishing Report

Still slow, but, has picked up.  Our guest were reporting a lot of little ones.  We had one group here from Friday AM to Sunday 1 pm and we cleaned about 20 fish for them for the 2 1/2 days.  They fished in a dayhouse the first day and

we moved a day house to a new location which they fished in Sat and Sunday.  Plus, one slot fish.  Noticing that each day the fish bite was improving.  Yesterday, Sunday, a total of 5 slot fish through out the 9 houses, all Walleye.

So needless to say we are moving around today.  Not sure what the clear plan is as of now.  We may have all houses in one area and we may have the houses scattered around.

We are on the move again and loving it!!!  Wish us luck!!