7/29/2015 Sleeper Frames 10 x 18 ~Update~

3 – 10 x 18 Sleeper frames Update

We are building 2 of the 3 Sleepers this summer

We have the floors completed and this year we are putting Styrofoam insulation under the floor in the steel frame.  Hoping this will prevent the ice melting under the Sleeper house.

Keep the fish in the Sleeper or under the ice instead of under the Sleeper.

The lumber is all stacked in the garage and as soon as the 53′ B12  starts her paint work the walls and rafters will be built and put up.  

That will be a one day deal.  We have to get the walls and roof on along with the siding to keep the rain off the non-treated wood.

We will do it the same way as last year.  All 8 walls and all the rafters for both sleepers at one time

Each step will be completed at the same time on both Sleepers. 

You really see the progress when we do it this way and it feels better to have both done rather than get one done and think about doing the same steps all over again.

Well, just keep on checking on us and we will start doing weekly updates starting Aug. 1.

We have calls for reservations weekly now and it is only fair that we keep the website up to date.


Dale and Connie