Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau report for 12/24/2015

Today’s report from the Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau
~~ 12/24/15~~
Fishing Report for
December 24, 2015
The big lake is making progress. Forecast is for cold temps this week. As we report ice conditions, please know the reports are in the areas resorts and guides are traveling. Ice can be good on the trail and not good just off of the trail. We are noticing where ice has piled up and is rough, ice is thinner. Four Mile Bay 4-6″. Bostic Bay, 2-6″. Zippel Bay, 7-10″. Lake ice adjacent to Pine Island 5-7″. Lake ice adjacent to Zippel Bay, 5-6″. Arnesen’s 2.5 – 8″. Some resorts hoping to allow ATV/snowmobile access and possibly some houses out Dec. 27th, depending upon ice progress. The key… work through resorts, stay on trails as ice thickness varies. Safety first.

The Rainy River is iced over in most areas and open in others. Word is the dam is open in Kenora and water is flowing. Most areas not yet fishable with thin ice.

Up at the NW Angle, a couple resorts have houses out and others getting houses out 12/26. There is a staked trail from Young’s Bay to Flag Island and to Oak Island. Stay on staked trail. Points, neck down areas and shallow areas are traditionally poor ice. The key, stay on marked trails. Ice thickness is 6-10″ on marked trails. Snowmobile/ATV travel only. Stay posted to Lake of the Woods Tourism or your favorite resort’s Facebook/Twitter pages for updates. | 1-800-382-FISH |

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Ice Condition’s Update Tuesday 12/15/2015

Rough ice, open water, thin layer, about 1 inch, of ice out! We got a start folks!! A way’s to go!!
Twin Island’s
Shoreline looking to the East
Shoreline looking towards Canada (NW)

Ice Conditions today’s looking a lot more “hopeful” than yesterday when we had whitecap’s and watched the slush shoot 5 – 10 feet in the air to only build up hills of ice on the shoreline.
So, yes, today, we like seeing about an inch thickness of ice. Still plenty of open water. It is just the beginning and then of course there is the snow that is heading our way! Rough start to say the least. WE WILL CONTINUE TO MOVE FORWARD! Plenty of time to enjoy ice fishing this season. Hang in there folks!!
This is from our access – Lake of the Woods – Gull Rock/Rocky Point area.


Lake /Ice Condition update Dec. 11, 2015

Pictures off our Gull Rock area – Lake of Woods shoreline at 12 noon today 12/11/2015

I have a video of the rolling waves but the video was too long to be able to post on our website.  I would like to invite you to our Face Book page to watch the video if you would like.

We have our Fish House Rental Face book page titled

Dale’s Fish House Rental – Lake of the Woods

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We also have our personal Face Book page which is the Administrative page of the Fish House Rental page.  Blah, Blah, Blah!  technicallities!!!  This page is titled
Dale Connie Peterson
You will find all the Lake Updates and Fishing Reports all the fun projects we have going on all on the Fish House Rental FB page!!
Hope to see you join us there.
Now for today’s update.  We have ice that has floated in and we have rolling waves.  Here is some pictures from today.
Gull Rock
Twin Islands
Just out from our bay/shoreline
IMG_5750‘West of Gull Rock looking at Canada
close up of the shoreline.  All the white out from the shore that you see is actually floating on the waves as the water rolls to shore.  None of the water area you see is frozen.IMG_5752

The piles of ice you see where the peaks are.  This is from the white cap’s from 10:30 p.m. the night before.  The wind created quite the waves which splashed up on shore and the rocks and made this ice ridge.

Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau Dec 9th

Today’s fishing report from Lake of the Woods tourism  bureau.  


December 9, 2015 

Part fishing report, part ice report this time of year.  The boats fishing are doing very well with good numbers of walleyes in 10-20′ of water,  Launching at Wheeler’s Point and fishing in front of Pine Island. The big water (Big Traverse Bay) is still open.  Thin ice on the small bays.  Zippel Bay reporting 5-6 inches of ice.  Bostic Bay and Baudette Bay all reporting 1-3 inches.  The forecast shows colder temps come the weekend.

On the Rainy River, bays are getting locked up with open water on the river.  A few anglers on the river with anglers catching nice walleyes evenings.  The open water bite has been good this past week. 

Up at the NW Angle, ice is 2-5 inches thick. Some air boats running to islands so far.  It won’t be long, but safety first. When the time comes, work through resorts for safety. Thank you to all who stopped by and said hello at the St. Paul Ice Fishing Show.  Come on Ice! –


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Update on our Progress here at Dale’s Fish House Rental – Lake of the Woods

Well we are using this time to get ready for ice fishing, working on Sleepers, have some winter campers coming in, cleaning up dead trees, going to paint the Lake Access Pay shack this week.

We have the office/check in/Check out area completed in the Main house, the new Shower Room is complete! No more driving a couple miles for a shower anymore! Brand new shower room right here at the main house, very private with all the same amenities as before. Shower’s are $5’s!!

We have the phone system all “hooked up” and there it WiFi here at the Main House along with a social area!

Shop is all done and the work has begun on the Ford 250 Plow truck along with the tracks on “Connie’s” B12!

Ice Condition update- still pretty much all water- small amount of ice chunks floating by.

Have a super evening and visit with you again soon!

Here is the Fishing Report from our Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau!!

Fishing Report for
December 2, 2015
Part fishing report, part ice report this time of year. Most are waiting to get out on the hard water with very few boats fishing. Thin ice on the bays. Zippel Bay, Bostic Bay and Baudette Bay all reporting 1-3 inches. A few daring pike anglers, but travel on the ice not yet recommended, 4 Mile Bay is partially covered in ice with some open spots. Some ice forming on the basin in the west side of the lake initially but a ways to go.

On the Rainy River, bays are getting locked up with open water on the river. A few boats on river with anglers catching a handful of walleyes and sauger and a sturgeon here and there.

Up at the NW Angle, not many fishing as ice is showing up but still only 2-4 inches. It won’t be long, but safety first. Come and say hello at the Lake of the Woods Tourism booth this weekend at the St. Paul Ice Fishing Show. Info on resorts and upcoming ice fishing | 1-800-382-FISH |

P.O. Box 518 | 930 West Main
Baudette, MN 56623

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