Not Too Early to Book!!!


Winter is closing in fast!  Some snow in MN just this past week!!  Duck hunting is here!  Deer hunting just around the corner!



The weekends are filling up fast with the Sleepers!

There are plenty of week days open for Sleepers and plenty of openings for the “On Land accommodations” along with Day House availability!

Plenty of openings – we can work it out!!


There is always the weekdays where we are a long way from filling those weekday’s up.  The BONUS of the weekdays is that the rates are lower on Monday – Thursday.

You can book Day House, Sleeper, and/or Bunkhouse!!!  Come on and join on us Beautiful Lake of the Woods – Gull Rock area!!!

We will take good care of you!!

Dale and Connie Peterson

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Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau 8/24/2016 Fishing Report

Fishing Report For August 24, 2016 from Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau. Enjoy!!

Walleye fishing continues to be good as the walleyes have the feed bags on. Water temps starting to slowly cool. Drifting with spinners, anchoring and jigging, and downrigging crankbaits all were successful depending upon the location. 28-32 feet still holding fish four miles out of Lighthouse Gap. Jig and minnow has been good. Gold, pink, white, blue, and silver for colors. Scattered schools across the lake to Zippel Bay, Long Point and Rocky Point catching good numbers of fish. Reefs along with “no man’s land” holding walleyes . Trolling crankbaits still very effective. Smallies are active along shoreline structure.

On the Rainy River, some eyes being boated daily but lots of rain Friday night dirtied the water. Anglers pulling cranks and spinners as top choice to cover as much water as possible. Bass biting well. Sturgeon fishing is slow but many spotted jumping or “breaching”. Sturgeon “keep” season is now open through Sep. 30.
Up at the NW Angle, fishing in 18-22 feet with orange, green and gold spinners tipped with shiners and crawlers on warmer days and 20-27 feet when its cooler. Fish have been caught in mud and rubble rock, west bar off Little Oak, Crow Duck, west bar off Garden Island and in the mud south of Oak Island. Spinners outproducing downrigging. Crappies are being found in deep holes of 26-30 feet. In Ontario waters, spinners are successful but the jig bite is back. The preferred depth is 24-30 feet on top of reefs, saddles, points, and wind swept areas. For muskies a large percentage of fish seen are being caught, patience is key. Bucktails, stickbaits and topwater producing over bare rocks, reeds with rocks and rocks adjacent deep water.
Courtesy of Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau!!-c-

Fishing Report from Lake of the Woods Tourism 8/19/2016

Fishing Report from Lake of the Woods Tourism – Enjoy!!!
Fishing Report For August 18, 2016
Walleye fishing was awesome this past week. Minimal wind and lots of sun allowed anglers to go anywhere and fish any tactic they wished. Drifting with spinners, anchoring and jigging, and downrigging crankbaits all brought fish in. 28-32 feet still holding fish with trophies mixed in. Gold, pink, white, blue, and silver were best colors. A nice bite just outside lighthouse gap in 11-15 feet, many small fish boated to hook into larger keeper fish. Also a nice school 6 miles off of Pine Island. Scattered schools across the shore to Zippel Bay, Long Point and Arnesen’s. Smallies are hanging out in rocky areas and active.
On the Rainy River, some eyes being boated daily. Many anglers pulling cranks and spinners as top choice to cover water. Bass biting walleye rigs. Sturgeon fishing so-so but many spotted as they come bursting out of the water. Sturgeon “keep” season is now open through Sep. 30.
Up at the NW Angle, fishing in 12-24 feet with orange and gold spinners. Crawlers have been good along with downrigging with crankbaits. Areas between Little Oak and Oak Island fishing in the mud and rock has been pulling in fish. Many anglers are catching walleye as well as a few bonus slab crappies and jumbo perch. In In Ontario waters, spinners are the preferred tactic in areas with current and close to shore in 15-22 feet. The algae boom and not that much wind resulted in the reefs not producing as well. The muskies picked up a little this week. with lots of muskies sunning in shallow sandy bays.
email received Friday 8/19/2016 – Lake of the Woods Tourism

August 7, 2016

Dale’s Fish House Rental – Lake of the Woods

Clearing for the future- no worries plan’s in place to plant trees in new locations. Only poplar, keeping all oak, birch, cedar, and spruce!!  County will start digging their new ditch for re-routing the Hwy 17 ditch water on Monday, Aug 8th.  After the Logger finishes cutting the trees for the County, he moves on to clear the tree’s for the cabin sites and then the RV sites.

if you look to the top left you can see the black upside down “V”! That is the arm of the tree cutter!
Coming in from the NE side of our home and heading S into the woods to take care of the trees so LOTW County can dig their new ditch.
Look who is out in the open now so you can see what this bad boy looks like!!
Making his way from the NE side of our home and heading SW to where the county ditch will be.
Not one tree but four trees at one time.
Cut em’ off, lay them in a stack and then when all said and done, skid them out of the way with a different piece of equipment.
Close up look!
Our driveway, Gull Rock Rd, and Hwy 17 looking S
Had Kevin and Cody take a break for lunch and Kevin noticed this picture on our fridge. A gift from one of our Grandchildren! Pretty ironic wouldn’t you say!!! Thought this was pretty cool! Grandchildren had no clue we were having loggers come in. 4th of July we got this! Just plain cool!!
Dale spread out the crushed granite for our new road that will take our guests to our Lodge and cabins.








August 7, 2016- Saturday to do list went Pretty Good!!

Dale’s Fish House Rental – Lake of the Woods

Saturday’s to do list went pretty good!!
Steve, Kim, Tom, Dale, and Connie.
Huge thank- you Steve, Kim, and Tom!!

Headlight’s, low and high beam, LED top lights, back LED top lights, and back-up camera when we are hooking up to the Sleepers for moving them!!
Tire changing!
Tire is on!!!
Kim & Connie painted the fueler!
Looking good!
Reflector tape on!
All done!
Locates here!!


First time Bobcat operator – Kim – Bobcat 101
2 hours later – Bobcat 101 – Graduated!!! Way to go Kim!!
Lawn mowing completed! Thanks Kim! Look out for guide wires!!!!!






Productive day!! 8/5/2016

Dale’s Fish House Rental – Lake of the Woods

Productive day!!

Tree limbs, branches, twigs! Off to the burn pile!


County will be digging a ditch from Hwy 17 between the two property’s to our swamp so the ditch water will drain to the swamp instead of over our driveway and into the property.
First step to take out the trees that will be in the way for the County to dig their new ditch. Helping out by cutting tree and picking up all the debris.
Got the trailer pretty full! Driving the 4 wheeler and trailer to unload at the burn pile.
Dozer work! Trying to get dozer done today!! Wish us luck!
Dale and I finished the new tin under the body, Steve and Dale welded up the framework. Dale has all the engine work done! Let’s start her up and see how she sounds!!

August 4, 2016 Generators ready for 2016/2017 Ice Fishing Season

Dale’s Fish House Rental – Lake of the Woods

Generators and extra gas tanks all numbered and lined up for 2016/2017 ice fishing season.
Oil ready, even made a container for the spare gas caps!!



8/1/2016 – Fishing Report – LOTW Tourism Bureau

Courtesy of the Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau
Fishing report for 7/27/2016 -c-


Fishing Report For July 27, 2016
Fish are active and there are limits to be had. Resorts are downrigging with crankbaits, jig fishing and drifting spinners. Schools of fish in the middle of the lake in 28-32 feet being targeted by jiggers and crankbaiters continue to heat up. Garden Island and 9-12 miles off of Pine Island are holding fish. Many great fish in the 18″ range and some trophies mixed in as well. Gold, silver and white have been strong.
On the Rainy River, some walleyes are being caught near the mouth of the river and into four mile bay. Water clarity has improved slightly. Jig and minnow remains best option for catching walleyes with some anglers using a bottom bouncer paired with a stick bait as well. Most anglers fishing the lake. Great smallmouth bass bite up and down the river. Sturgeon “keep” season is now open through Sep. 30th and they are active.
Up at the NW Angle, the mud between Little Oak and Oak Island has been producing good numbers of saugers and walleyes in depths of 24 to 30 feet. Work the offshore reefs and humps using spinners and bottom bouncers with crawlers, or crankbaits, as the majority of fish have moved off the larger islands onto the mid-lake structure. The southwest side of Oak and the areas around Four Blocks also good producers again. Gold, pink and orange are top color choices. On the Ontario side the walleyes have been out deep in the mud off the rocks in 25-35 feet due to the recent storms and heavy winds. Spinners have been the most productive. The water temp is 70 degrees. Many nice sized fish have been boated and everyone has been going home with their limits! The Muskie action has continued to improve along with pike and smallmouth bass.
Anglers who plan to take Highway 46 out of Deer River should know that the bridge 3 miles south of Alvwood is closed and a 30 mile detour is the result. Our suggestion is to take Highway 6 North in Deer River to Highway 1 West to Northome.

Lake of the Woods Tourism · PO Box 518 · Baudette · Minnesota · 56623

Hope you enjoyed the fishing report!!
Dale and Connie!!