Sleepers lined up ! Time to get ready!!

Sleepers are lined up ready to get Cleaned from top to bottom, inside and out!!
Carpet shampooing starts later this week
Pots/Pans – got a good start!
Cushion covers, curtains, dish towels/dish cloth, pot holders all sorted, washer & dryer are still running!!
Tomorrow after errands all utensils & wastebaskets, dish pans & coffee makers!
Will search for more of our fish buckets tomorrow then start scrubbing so their cleaned and ready to get fish scent on all over again!!! It will be awesome!!
Inventory completed and all the supplies in their new home!
Last but not least scrubbing the exterior and minor repairs.
Was a Great Day. Huge Thank- you to Megan for helping out today!!

Ready for cleaning
6 of the 7!!
Some pails are missing – better start the search!
Easy peasy – clean them in the shower!!
Pots/pans shiny!!!!
Curtains and cushion covers ready for the washer!!
Towels, dish cloth, and cleaning rags done!!

Fishing Report For October 19, 2016

Here is this week’s Fishing Report! Enjoy!
Fishing Report For October 19, 2016

The fall bite is on! Great fishing continues in 15-25 feet of water with a jig and a minnow all along south shore, Pine Island, Long Point, Zippel Bay and up north near Knight and Bridges and NW Point. In many cases, sort through fish to get keepers. Bright colors or gold tipped with a frozen or live shiner. Schools of jumbo perch along south shore mixed in with walleye and saugers. Big pike active in bays.

The Rainy River walleye fishing is going well. Anywhere from Four Mile Bay all the way up to Birchdale eyes are being caught in good numbers. Jig and a shiner doing well as is pulling crankbaits. Pink, gold and glow. 15-25′ of water. Mornings / evenings best. Many anglers who find walleyes switching to sturgeon with many caught and released.

Up at the Northwest Angle, walleyes in 18 to 30 feet. Jigging the preferred method. Gold, pink and green tipped with minnows have been hot. Areas to check out are the gap between Oak and Flag Islands and the South side of Oak and Hay Islands. On the Ontario Side, crappie action strong bringing in quite a few nice slabs! Look for deep points off Islands 30 feet or more and places where sunken trees and timber are present. Use electronics to locate schools of fish, then use a jig and minnow or plastic combo to put slabs in the boat. Walleyes have been putting on the feed bags this week! Depths of 15 to 25 feet have been best with a jig and minnow combo being the best producer. Musky anglers pulling large crankbaits with success.


Email 10/20/2016 from Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau!!

Progress Update 10/12/2016

Sleeper is insulated except for a couple spot’s where lights have to be installed.
Dozer work today
Got a burning permit
Now Burning the wood piles!
Where’s the beer and hot dogs??
?!! Got Beer!! Now sitting back and watch the fire! Awww!

I don’t mind the insulation – so what’s 4 wall’s Right!! Dale just can’t take the insulation itching and coughing!! -c-
Furnace next!! Right under the center window.
Side wall-Cabinet, table, TV in the front on the Left!
Need to put in a few 2×3’s and the outdoor light! The thee final panels of insulation are cut and ready to install!
New Storage space for our Sleepers, Dayhouses, and equipment
Nice area just East of the House!
Everything should fit over here!! Looking off to the NE towards the lake, towards our swamp acreage.
Burning Permit obtained and it is OK to burn! It’s 5 pm somewhere, Just kidding! It’s 5 pm. Nope don’t need to wait until 6pm. They changed it to 5 pm! Yes!!!!
3 Piles to burn in 3 days!! Can we do it!
Heading to Pile #1
She is a smokin’!!!



Pile #3
Aww! Sit back and keep an eye on the fire!!

Fishing Report 10/12/2016

Hello Website Follower’s!

Here is Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau’s latest Fishing Report emailed to me yesterday, 10/12/2016!

Fishing Report For October 12, 2016

Just like that another fall weekend goes by. Walleyes and saugers have the feed bag on! 15-25 feet of water with a jig and a minnow is the ticket. Hot colors are bright colors especially when its cloudy. Fish are being caught across the south shore with a good mix of charter and personal boats enjoying the hot fall fishing. Heading north has yielded many fish as well near Hay Island and NW Point. Schools of jumbo perch are often mixed in with walleyes with reports of a few in the mix to dozens.

The Rainy River is improving as anglers are catching some walleyes at various spots from the mouth up to Frontier Landing. There have been a couple of good runs of shiners so far and current looks good. Some bait dealers are finding nice walleyes in their minnow nets. Fishing continues to improve. The sturgeon are surging with many good reports of sturgeon caught and released.

Up at the Northwest Angle, guides are targeting 15-25 feet on the around Oak Island, Hay Island and various underwater points and holes. Jig and a minnow combo has been best but some are boating fish with spinners or crankbaits as well. On the Ontario Side, water temps are around 52 degrees and anglers are targeting depths of 12-18 feet on reefs and points or 20-35 foot holes in current areas. Most anglers are using jig and a minnow. Falcon Island, Firebag, and McPherson Island have been hot. Jumbo perch are being found in deeper water as well. Anglers are finding slab crappies as well in 30 foot holes

Written and emailed to 10/12/2016 by Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau – Baudette, MN

Sleeper update 10/9/2016

Windows, door all done! Electrical going good, interior ceiling done!
Insulation coming up next.
So good to have Cliff and Cory come visiting this weekend, sure appreciated your work. Had a Great time!!

Door in!
Electrical getting done!
Cliff & Cory making it happen!! Best Friends ever- THANK-YOU GUYS!!!
Thank-you Cliff!!
Cory the Electrician!!


Insulation coming along!
Ceiling done!!
Almost done for the day!!

Sun 10/9/2016

Beautiful Brisk morning!
Winter camper’s starting to call and set-up! Still have winter camping sites available!

Call Connie @ 320-630-6734

Morning walk to the lake!
Sleeper’s tucked in the new RCA/RV sites! Beautiful sunrise.
Fall color’s, lot’s of leaves on the ground!!
A couple winter camper’s have called and are bringing their “winter camping” accommodations!!
Aww! There she is!! Feeling so blessed!!
Gull Rock!!

Emerald Shiner’s are running!! Lake of the Woods

Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau news article on the Shiners here in Lake of the Woods for your reading!! Enjoy!!

By Joe Posted October 6, 2016

If you are an outdoorsy person, fall in MN is an incredible season. “Sweatshirt weather” as some call it features the changing colors of the leaves, the migration of birds coming from the north and in these parts, means the shiner and walleye run on the Rainy River.

It’s a fall tradition for many. Coming to the Rainy River to take advantage of the fall run of walleyes chasing the millions of emerald shiners running up the river. Some will jump in with a resort

If you chat with a resort owner or bait dealer, they talk about the shiners in terms of “gallons”. This is the time of the year folks in the bait business really to stock up on the effective and popular bait that is used four seasons per year. Emerald shiners are an awesome bait both alive and frozen. These minnows are normally netted off the ends of docks with big lights at night. When the shiners are running, literally huge schools of bait will swirl under the lights. As we have seen over the past couple of weeks, walleyes and pike are often mixed in with these minnows.
Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau email 10/6/2017 – c –

Fishing report Oct. 6, 2016

Fishing Report For October 6, 2016

The fall bite is on. Anglers are catching walleyes at many spots along the south shore including Long Point, Zippel Bay, Pine Island and the Lighthouse Gap. Key depths vary based on clarity of water and bait, but a good start is 20-24′. Jig and a minnow or frozen shiner is the go to with pink, chartreuse, and bubble gum the hot colors. Finding clean water is key to improving catch rate. Pulling spinners tipped with a minnow or trolling crankbaits have their place but most anglers finding success jigging.
The river is getting closer to prime time fall fishing as more shiners and walleyes move up river. It is showing improvement but it is not quite there yet. Jig and a minnow is producing some fish as river fishing ramps up. Sturgeon keep season ended September 30 and now we move to the catch and release season.
Up at the Northwest Angle the fish are chowing. Shiners are along points and in bays and the walleyes are right there with them. The areas between Flag Island and Oak Island, Little Oak Island, and Crowduck are holding lots of fish in the 8-15 foot range. On the Ontario side, crappies are electric. Finding deep holes with steep drop offs has been the go to near 30 feet deep. Walleyes are holding in 15-25 feet of water chasing emerald shiners. Jig and a minnow with bright colors and gold. Troll for muskies in 8-15 feet with big swim baits as the beasts are stocking up for winter.

Courtesy of Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau!!! -c-