Dec 28th 2016

We have so many great families out on the ice with us. Mom and Dad and 3 teenage son’s, Mom, Dad, son, and daughter, 2 sleepers with Dad and son, Grandpa and Grandma with 2 grandson’s, and Guy’s hanging with friends all spending time on the ice making memories!!
Fishing report ` fishing remains good but has slowed down a bit. mostly walleye, some small northern, all going pretty good. Dayhouse’s doing quite good too. Had to move every house due to heavy snow, drifting and flooding. But all is back on track !

Dec 22, 2016

The ice check is completed found areas of 11 inches.
WE ARE CONTINUING WITH ATV AND SLEDS ONLY. NO VEHICLES AT THIS TIME!! Too bad the temps couldn’t have stayed colder!!
On a positive note it is ONLY DEC 22nd!!!
Hang in there we will continue to check and will keep you informed.

Dale & Connie Peterson
Dale’s Fish House Rental- Lake of the Woods and Winter Lake Access!

Dec 22, 2016

Northern Lights beautiful tonight.
Unable to get a good picture?
Fishing report – some house’s had good fishing while others did not.
Give it another shot tomorrow!! Pictures from today! Dale has more on his phone from today, I’ll get them posted as soon as I can!

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12/24/2016 I’m sorry!

Just want to put an apology out there for all who have been trying to get information on fishing, access and rentals etc. I have been so late on getting back to you from your message, missed your phone call, and said I will call you back in 15 mins or at a certain time and do not call back until the next day! I do apologize.
We have only 1 more Sleeper to put on the lake and we will have all of them on the ice. This is the reason for not being able to do the best with my communication. The first initial work with the day houses and sleepers are the toughest as we do a thorough going through of each fish house, repair and change what needs to be done. All the generators are gone through, we built another toilet for the new sleeper, we built new generator boxes and then there is all the equipment repairs and finally we have the signage to show access information, parking, etc.
Soooooo!! after this last Sleeper is set up tomorrow we just may be “normal” routine. Ya right!! Thanks for understanding !!

Dec 22, 2016

Whew! Busy few days, sorry for no update in a little while. 6 of our 8 Sleepers out on the ice and all set up! Guests arrived yesterday for 4 of our 8 Sleepers!!
Found 12-15 inches of ice. Sleepers are on 15 inches.
Today is the day!!! Checking ice to see is we can plow and open to more than ATV’s and Sleds! Just want to make sure after last year’s ice experience and just ice being unpredictable in general, you never know what that ice might be up too!!
On top of that we have snow predictions and wind. As soon as we know what we are going to do you will know!!!!

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Ice Conditions/Fishing Report/Access Information 12/20/2016

Out on our routine morning check on ice conditions before taking our DAYHOUSE guests out. Happy to say she held up well over night. Conditions good, fishing report was Good again yesterday.
We will be checking ice thickness today and report later today.
Still open to only ATV’s and Snowmobiles.
Access fee $10 for vehicle, $15 vehicle and single axle trailer, $20 vehicle and tandem axle. Etc.
Basically count your axles and x by $5.
We are happy to open our property for you to be able to have access to this wonderful lake and we will do our very best to keep checking ice conditions everyday, plow, make a nice ice road through the winter!!
Have a super day!! Thanks for following our posts.
Dale & Connie