There is a Sturgeon in the House!!! Sleeper #8 that is!!

8:30a. m. There is a Sturgeon in the house!!! Sleeper #8 that is!!
60 inches, 45 min fight, photo shoot and back down his fishing hole! Nice job!!!

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You gotta see this!!!
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Can’t stop smiling!
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Still smilin!!!
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Getting heavy!!! Time to go back!!


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60 inches!!
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So long big guy!!! Until another day!!
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Slipping down the hole!
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Waving good bye to us!
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Group hug! I missed the real good one when the guys came out of the Sleeper so we got another group hug for pictures! Thanks guys! You Rock!!-c-

Winter Lake Access Thank-you!!

Winter Lake Access!
Just a shout out to all you great people that come through our winter lake access and leave me fun notes! You are all so fun and amazing. We just cannot thank-you enough for all the greatness you share. We are so glad you like what we do and of course there are those that aren’t so nice but are truly out weighed by the good.
We apologize for coming up short on getting to the 16 mile reef. We planned from the start to get there. We were fortunate to have conditons this year where many are able to get to 16 mile reef on their own. Please be safe out there as we come to the last month or ice fishing where the houses can stay out on the lake. Then on to pulling houses on and off everyday or fishing portable. What comes in the future we will do the best we can to give you access to this great Lake of the Wooods.
Connie Peterson
Dale’s Fish House rental lake of the woods

2/27/17 Fishing Report from this past weekend

We have had Poor to Fair fishing this past weekend.  We had several sleepers have a count of 20-24 fish caught.  We had other sleepers that had half of that.  Our one group of guests that are staying with us until today had poor fishing for 2 days and yesterday afternoon the fish just turned on and they were catching non stop.

Day houses that were doing good Friday and Saturday shut down to only 2 fish on Sunday.  Just show’s you how fishing can change from day to day.

Other locations reports came back a mix of poor fishing for the most part with a few stating they did really well.  The overall report was poor results.

March is just around the corner here and as history show’s the fishing picks up in March.  That has not always been the case.  We have had a couple years that we remember where fish bite in Feb was off the charts and March was slower.  There is so many factors to fishing.  The most important part is to have fun, enjoy your time on the ice, catching is a plus.  It is a big body of water and each of us just do our best to find that location where we can throw some fish in our bucket.  More importantly look around and see what you have and feel the great vibe of being on the ice.

Til next time!

Connie Peterson

Dale’s Fish House Rental and Winter Lake Access

Lake Access Update Feb 20, 2017

Lake Access Update 2/20/2017
Ice Conditions are good. We have had a significant decrease in snow, increase in slush on the lake. The Lake road has about 3 inches of standing water.
We are closing the lake access for maintenance and do hope to Re-Open by the weekend.
We will post notice Facebook, on our websites, message on our landline, and with the local bait shop’s. Spread the word. Thank-you
Dale and Connie Peterson

Fishing Report 2/20/2017

Fishing Report update 2/20/2017
Heard a combination of fishing reports. We are moving deeper to 34 feet of water. North of Gull Rock was poor fishing reports. We did have a few that came through the Lake access and reported good fishing but no location. 16 mile or Archies reef had good fishing report’s the last couple days as did Twin Island’s. No road to either of those locations at this point in time. However, vehicles seem to be getting to their destination.
Just talked with a gentleman leaving from a weekend of fishing and reported that he moved to several depth’s with poor fishing but did the best in 22 feet. Was fishing the Gull Rock area.
We just got to keep trying, March is on it’s way!! Here fishy, fishy!!!

Ice conditions 2//20/2017

Ice Conditions Monday 2/20/2017
Ice is 24-29 inches with snow cover. we are having light to moderate rain today. We have some standing water on our Lake access ice road, right side and some on the left. We ask that you drive in the middle where the road is higher. If you would please drive slow through the standing water and this will help maintain the road. We appreciate you each and everyone of you joining us through our Winter Lake Access.