Friday – March 30, 2018 Winter Lake Access Update

Winter Lake Access Update
Open to vehicles, ATV/4 wheelers, and sled’s only, NO WHEEL HOUSES

Access fee is $5 per axle! $10 for vehicle, $15 if pulling a single axle, $20 is pulling a tandem. Even if you leave the trailer in the parking area.

We have all Parking on the shoreline/lake

Plowed areas/Ice conditions remain the same , good conditions to No. Arnesen’s reef and Twin Island’s. No. Arnesens reef road is the roughest and has a crack approx. 6 inches wide we are putting a bridge over right now. Plowed areas are still going good but do have potholes.

Access information line 218-442-6661 – changed to 8 am -10 pm as we now are waiting until daylight before checking plowed areas.