June 20th Fishing Report LOTW Tourism Bureau!

Fishing Report courtesy of our Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau!!  Enjoy!!!
Fishing Report For June 20, 2018
Walleyes and saugers being caught around the entire lake with the mayfly hatch 2 weeks early this year. Some areas holding keepers (under 19.5″) with some slots mixed in (19.5″ – 28″) and some mainly holding slot fish with the occasional trophy being caught (over 28″). Typically after the mayfly hatch, the spinner bite really turns on. Jig and a minnow was the main tactic used this week while some pulled spinners when the wind was right. Some shallow walleyes on spinners in 5-10 feet near pine island primarily when some breeze.
Rainy River smallmouth bass being caught up and down the river on shorelines, inlets, various structure and docks. Sturgeon fishing “keep season” opens again July 1 – Sep 30.  Most walleye fishing taking place on the lake with the local walleyes always an option.
Up at the NW Angle…  In Minnesota, spinners catching walleyes and saugers of all sizes in multiple depths. Walleyes and saugers spitting up lots of mayflys. Some good muskies being caught in back bays and over rock points.  Both MN and Ontario muskie seasons on LOW are open.  Smallmouth bass continue to pound plastic baits. Fishing on both sides of the border has been excellent.
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Just received this yesterday!! Please go to the MNDNR website and share your comments and opinions on their survey regarding the fish population in Lake of the Woods and the 5 year plan. It’s a great opportunity to give input whatever it may be!! -c-
We have the 5 year draft management information at the end of this post!! This is where you can complete the survey!! Thank- you for following us and thank- you to our Great friend Cory for sending us this information to get out to you!!! -c-


Author: KARE 11

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is considering a proposal to reduce the number of walleye and sauger allowed to be kept in the winter on Lake of the Woods and on the Rainy River.
2:26 PM CDT June 18, 2018
2:35 PM CDT June 18, 2018
ST. PAUL, Minn. – There could be changes coming to one of the most popular walleye fishing spots in Minnesota.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is considering a proposal to reduce the number of walleye and sauger allowed to be kept in the winter on Lake of the Woods and on the Rainy River.

We recently went through a public process of updating the Lake of the Woods Fisheries Management Plan and identified several potential areas of concern with regard to current levels of harvest,” said Phil Talmage, Baudette fisheries supervisor. “That’s why we’re discussing these potential changes.”

The proposed changes would reduce the aggregate limit of walleye and sauger in the winter to align with the summer regulations on Lake of the Woods, and make spring angling on the Rainy River catch-and-release for walleye and sauger.

The current winter walleye and sauger limits on Lake of the Woods are: 8 (not more than 4 can be walleye; only 1 walleye over 28″; walleye 19 1/2 through 28″ must be immediately released). The proposed winter possession limit would change from 8 to 6, to match the current open season limit.

The changes would go into effect starting March 1, 2019.

Anglers will see yellow signs at public water accesses around Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River later this month notifying the public of the proposal.

A formal public comment period will be held this fall. For more information on Lake of the Woods management go to mndnr.gov/lakeofthewoods.


Published: 2:26 PM CDT June 18, 2018
Updated: 2:35 PM CDT June 18, 2018
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This is a great opportunity to voice your comments and concerns!!! Thank-you! Dale & Connie

Comment on lake management
Cover page of the draft management plan

Lake of the Woods has a new draft management plan and DNR wants your comments on the plan’s outline for how the lake will be managed during the next five years.



June 18, 2018

A little update (right 🙂 ) as to “What’s Happening”!
We now have in place:
1) I made a call to our Electrician today with an Update as to where we are with the dirt work for the shower house/fish cleaning house.

2) Second phone call today to our Well Driller and he let us know that they will be here by the end of this week and if for some reason that does not happen they will be here Monday 6/25/18!

3) Finally, this procrastinating silly woman, finished submitting photo’s for our Information card to help us market our Future year round resort plan’s! This Information card will be a 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 full color information card with photo’s and text and will be available by this Fall so anyone stopping by or fishing with us this winter will be able to enjoy a information card of their very own! I was so happy that I was able to take on Drop Box and manage to get the job done! Sara will be calling me this week and we will go over how j&j Solutions of Staples, MN is coming along to create our Information card!!!

4) We finished the dirt work for our Shower/Fish Cleaning House! I will be getting started on locating the fish cleaning tables, sink’s, etc.along with starting to get idea’s for the colors and type of siding for Dale and I to look over and make a choice together.

5) We got about a 15 minute start on our first of the nine campsites we have ready to haul dirt to – getting the RV pad’s created. Dale had to head back to Central MN for our Heavy equipment repair work, I did make a call today to MN Dept of Health about the tree’s in the campsite designated area and found we do not have to take down tree’s- unfortunately some will have to go but we have a plan in place to plant more!

6) Septic System is now officially in the first steps to getting started. Permit and design was discussed and all the information was handed over to Statema Excavating when Dale headed back to Central MN yesterday!!

7) Call/left message with our Accounting firm and we are going to start the process of changing from “Dale’s Fish House Rental – Lake of the Woods” to “Dale’s On Lake of the Woods” !!! With all the applications and permits for summer/year round amenities we are thinking it is a good time to make this small business name change. Dale gave me the OK to get the name change rolling. I presented the new name to Dale when we submitted our Application to the MN Dept of Health but we knew it would be a few years before we could be year round and by George, here we are, it’s time!!! So exciting

8) We have one final surprise for you!!! Today I completed a Permit Application with the MN DNR to build a small harbor on our property! The location, IF APPROVED, will be where the “POND” is located down by the lake shore. It will be a Private Harbor, primarily we wanted a place for those staying with us to be able to dock their boat! Plan is for this area to have room to place 10 docks and build a channel to the Lake. Small but Sweet!!! This is the very first step of many in this process as this Harbor plan does impact a small area of wetland. Time will tell. There is a 15 day waiting period to get to Step 2! We will be sure to update you as the process of the Harbor and all our fun projects unfold.
Sorry for the lengthy post, Thank-you for taking the time to follow our progress- we are building this for you more than anything and we will be blessed to be here to help you enjoy this beautiful Lake of the Woods area!

Whew- now I’m going to go have a bowl of Chocolate Almond Frozen Yogurt and a cup of Hazelnut Coffee!!!!! Awe!!!! so good
Happy Summer ~ Dale & Connie

June 16, 2018

Started Dirt work Friday afternoon for Shower house/Fish cleaning house!
Dale in the dump-truck, Loader and dozer- hauling and filling. Connie in the Bobcat and Dozer -leveling and packing!!!
Teamwork at it’s finest!!!

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This is from our Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau posted on their weekly email on behalf of the MN DNR. Check this out!!
You can voice your questions and comments through their survey. You can complete a paper copy or go online!!!
So excited for the people to have a chance to give their input!!!

Here’s to continued good fishing on beautiful Lake of the Woods!!!

Dale & Connie- Dale’s Fish House Rental – Lake of the Woods
The MN DNR is seeking input on the new proposed Lake of the Woods Management Plan Update.

DNR seeking citizen input on Lake of the Woods management plan update
Lake of the Woods – one of Minnesota’s 10 large walleye lakes – has a new draft management plan and the Department of Natural Resources is seeking input on it beginning Monday, June 11.

The plan outlines the proposed five-year fish population objectives and fisheries management actions. It incorporates the recommendations of the 14-member Lake of the Woods Fisheries Input Group, which has met five times since December 2017.

“Fishing on Lake of the Woods is very important to the communities of Baudette and Warroad, as well as surrounding areas,” said Phil Talmage, Baudette area fisheries supervisor. “The diverse Lake of the Woods fishery is also a significant statewide resource that all Minnesotans can enjoy.”

Members from the input group added great value to the content of the management plan. Long-term sustainability was at the forefront of the group’s discussion. Input group members were concerned about the growth in winter angling pressure on Lake of the Woods and encouraged the DNR to continue to support the creel surveys in order to monitor fishing pressure over time.

The input group also expressed concerns about system change from things like invasive species. They recommended that the DNR continue to study the potential impact of invasive species on the sustainability of the Lake of the Woods fishery.

The lake has thriving walleye, sauger, and lake sturgeon populations, making it one of the premier fishing destinations in Minnesota.

Public comments will be accepted through Monday, July 11, and online at mndnr.gov/lakeofthewoods. Paper questionnaires also are available at the DNR’s Baudette Area Fisheries Office, 204 Main St. East in Baudette. Comments will be reviewed and considered in July and August. The final Lake of the Woods management plan will be completed in September.

For more information on the Lake of the Woods draft management plan and the public input process, contact the DNR’s Baudette Area Fisheries Office, 218-634-2522

  1. https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/lakeofthewoods/index.html

Tuesday 6-12-18

Today-Tues. 6/12-Trip to LOTW Land and Water Dept this morning with our application for our Two Multi purpose structures- PERMIT GRANTED!!!! YES!!!!! First structure we will be building consisting of Shower’s/bathroom’s on one end of the building and Fish cleaning area on the other end of the building. Plan is to have the first one completed by the end of this fall. Better hop to it-we have 1 Sleeper and 2 Day houses to build to replace older ones!!?
Wed 6/13-Calling MN Dept of Labor & Industry to submit our Building plan for the Plumbing and Electrical for the Shower House. Our Electrician is waiting on a few calls of his own and we just need to give him the Thumb’s up and he will get started with electrical upgrades, etc.
-Update status in the Boat ramp application – there is a review process of 30 days- looking at around July 4th before we will know more.
-We have 9 RV sites ready for the dirt to make them the RCA/Camper site dimensions required by MN Dept of Health. Placed 2 picnic tables and 2 fire rings in the RCA sites today, our good friend Tom, is going to let us put his camper in a site so I can take some pictures. We are putting together a “postcard” of our future plan’s and start marketing that we will be a year round resort!
-Some of the RCA sites have to have the trees that are inside the site parameter, removed – I will be marking all the trees that need to come down and then we plan on posting on Facebook and our Website for people to come take the tree down, if we haven’t cut it down already, and they can have all the wood for free! So watch for our postings those of you that heat your home with wood.
– last but not least- Well drillers said they should be here next week. They ran into a couple rough days causing delays! No call yet with an exact day, next week, as of yet! Fingers crossed!!
Well, there is certainly more then meets the eye – but want to save some news for later!! Take care – God Bless!!-c-



June 2, 2018

Dale made it home and brought 5 more precast concrete slabs for the boat landing. No final approval yet!
8-8:30 a. m. Tomorrow morning (Sat) We are doing a walk through regarding our electrical changes with Electrician. Hoping to get started on putting all the updated electrical and pedestals in for the RCA (RV) sites. We will find out what changes will need to be done and hoping this Elec team will take on our project!!
Dale got a couple hours in tonight on the new floor of the dump truck box.
Lawn mowing is done just in time for me to start over again?!! New starter for exmark mower arrived today- should have 2 mowers going by Monday!!
The last 5 prizes from our winter weekly drawings mailed out today. All we have left is to deliver the Grand Prize. Pictures when we deliver the GP!!
Stay tune for an update Early next week.

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June 1, 2018

Look at this baby fawn hiding in our lawn. Done mowing lawn in this area for today. Momma come get your baby!!

Image may contain: grass, outdoor and nature
The bottom of the picture is the guard on my lawn mower! I am just so glad I saw this baby!! Went to another area to mow. she was still laying there over 3 hours later. Could see her breathing and she had moved her head a different direction. Went back the next morning and she was gone.
Image may contain: plant, grass, outdoor and nature
Zoomed in, she is so beautiful!!