Dale’s On Lake of the Woods 9/21/2018 Update


Time flies when your having fun!!!  We have been a little busy and the end of the day’s comes and I make the mistake of thinking I will watch a movie and then  get on the computer and update the website!

Well it starts out that way and then I fall asleep!  Yikes!  So my apology for being such a slacker in the updating of our website!  I will get on the stick and update more often as changes come about!!!

Here is our current status and more to come in the next week!!

Well Dale & I have been having some fun! We finally finished the dirtwork for the new Storage Parking Area East of our House tonight! Tomorrow we will complete the final leveling with our drag! Finished hauling the fill and crusher dust. Dale leveled it out with the dozer while I followed up with the drag- finished it in the rain this evening! Just in time!

The water lines are in for our 12 Lakeside camp sites.

Electrician has completed All new electrical and new metered electric pedestals for each camp site with 50, 30, and 20 amp service in each! Power company buried all the power lines!

Plumbing Permit approved last week! Was first received by Labor & Industry on July 23rd☹️ so they took awhile to give us the final Ok! Set us back a bit- looking forward – our Plumbing Contractor will be with us next week!!???!! Onward we go!

We have concrete a phone call away and all the building supplies are here! ?we think we have it all to get our Shower House/Fish Cleaning House built by this ice season!  Finger’s crossed.

New septic system should be getting started by end of this month, we will then have Full hook-up campsites Spring, Summer, and Fall!!! On rain day’s I have been working on Office work!

Called our winter campers to let them know of the fun changes and make sure they were wanting to join us for winter camping again!

Inventory is done and have my first order for supplies in and already being shipped to us!

What a blessing this wonderful guy that hangs out with me everyday is! I am so grateful for all he teaches me and let’s me experience everyday working side by side!  He even let me load crusher dust in the Dumptruck with our Loader! Needless to say he is a lot faster than me!!!!

Well pictures later, I’m calling it a day?!
Good Night- sweet dreams!!❤️

Whew!- what a blast!