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Wed 12/18/2019 4:20 PM

On the south end…  A great walleye and sauger bite continues!  Most resorts have fish houses out in 23 – 28 feet of water.  Nice mix of walleyes and saugers.  Best colors, gold, pink, gold/pink, orange/chartreuse, white.  Jig one line and dead stick the other with a live minnow.  Good numbers of fish being caught with some trophies mixed in as well as eelpout, perch, tullibees, sturgeon and pike.  Very little snow on the ice. Various ice roads are open.  What can be driven out varies.  Some ice roads up to light SUV’s or ATV / side by sides pulling small houses, others still just ATV / side by sides.  Check with your resort / outfitter prior to coming up.

On the Rainy River…   The river is frozen over but little traffic with higher than usual current.    Extra caution is always needed on the river, most sticking to lake so far.

Up at the NW Angle…  Most resorts have fish houses out and initial fishing reports for walleyes are very good.  Some areas still need time with high current.  It’s a must to stick to resort marked trails or know the areas you are traveling.  The snowmobile trail from the south end up to the Angle is set to be staked this week.

Ice conditions 12/11/2019

Ice conditions remain unsafe for our winter lake access. Gaining some ice, however, conditions remain unsafe. We will keep you posted.

Winter Lake Access Information Number with the most recent update:
6:30 a.m. – 10 p.m. Please 218-442-6661
the current message informs all that we remain CLOSED at this point in time.

Dale and Connie
Dale’s On Lake of the Woods

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Dale checking the ice and marking the unsafe areas.

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A lot of broken-up ice where she crashed together from the strong winds.

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Wind and a partial freeze do cause a mess!

12-02-2019 Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau Fishing Report

Received Fishing Report from Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau

via email to 12/3/2019

No ice fishing as of yet, however, fishing reports are a great update!


ENJOY!!!~~~~~~ <((>< ~~~~~~~~~~~~


On the south end…  The majority of the big lake is iced over.  The forecast looks optimistic with the daily low temps forecasted in the teens and single digits.  Resorts are monitoring ice conditions closely.  The area was missed by heavy snowfall in this weekend’s snow storm which will help ice creation.  Resorts have been out checking ice and in some cases starting to mark trails.  No ice fishing by resorts is taking place on the main lake at this time. Spearing is taking place for pike on back bays.

On the Rainy River…   Areas of the main channel have open water with edges and bays iced up.  There is no traffic on the river at this time while ice is forming.  Extra caution is always needed with current and this year the current is stronger than most years.

Up at the NW Angle…  Ice is forming nicely.  With that being said, there is higher than normal current this year so working through a resort or outfitter is always a good idea as they will keep you away from areas that are suspect.  With the many islands in the Angle, there are neck down or shallow areas causing unsafe ice conditions throughout the entire winter. Knowledge of the area is important.  No ice fishing as of yet.  NW Angle resorts will communicate when ice fishing begins.

  • State Hwy 11, Baudette, MN 56623
  • 800-382-FISH (3474)

Dale & Connie Checking ice Friday 11/29/19

Dale is always lead in checking ice conditions. This is not a job taken lightly. I never worry when checking ice with Dale. Enjoy this part of what we do very much. Especially now we have an enclosed cab on the Ranger, loving this job even more!!

last year’s stakes- just marking where we checked the ice as there is snow coming in the next few days.

Off we go chainsaw in hand! We walk and check. Following behind at a safe distance with the ranger.  Chain saw blade has a ruler marked so we know how many inches of ice we clear before we hit water, if we do hit water that is.

Stake in – moving on!

Yep, that’s a crack but all ok!

Piled up ice from the first freeze up, open water, wind, ice crashed together, heaved up!

Connie’s turn to check the thickness of the ice!

I love my job!!!! Thanks, Dale for teaching me so much!!


Day houses getting final spruce up!

This year all 4 Day houses now 10 x 15 wood interior! Comfort with lots of elbow room!

ski’s and arm’s done and ready to go on the 2 new day houses.

Cleaned up and ice ready our 2- 8 x 12 day houses that we will be used for scouting, etc.

2 Sleepers ready to go and you can just see the 2 new Day houses in the background!

2 new 10 x 14 day houses and 2 new bridges ready to go!

Fun -not so little – project! Making stakes!

Bundles of new lathes and repairing last years (if possible)!

Lathe’s all lined up and ready for our Good Friend Fred, who volunteers here at our resort, helping with one of the projects today! This is an all-day project – Have you ever had to sit and wait for paint to dry!!

First the orange, then the black and in this case with these lathe’s it took more than 1 coat of each color!

Some of the reflective tape was cut and ready from last year – not quite enough so while Fred stapled the reflective tape on I took care of cutting up more of the tape help get the job done.

Do you know why there is silver reflective on one side of the stake and red reflective on the other side? We do this for one reason and one reason only. It is for the safety of those out on the ice. the times when you get “turned around” and just not sure the direction you are going.  When you come across the stakes we put out the reflective tape lets you know that if you see the white reflective tape you are headed to shore. If you see the red reflective tape you are headed out on the lake away from the shore. White – safely to shore! Red – beware you have headed out on the ice AWAY from shore.  Granted there are other stakes out on the ice that you may see such as the snowmobile trail. So be sure to look at stakes as you head out on the ice.  Our stakes start from our access out onto the lake following the plowing or our bombardier trail.

Work in Progress – Getting ready for ice season

Those of you that have seen the 6×6 Yellow Plow truck with the big V Plow on the front! She will be the next one in the shop I hear. Dale has had her started up and running – now need to get her in the shop and get the servicing done along with the new gas tank! Tom’s favorite Plow Truck will be back on the ice again, fingers crossed!! This Plow truck in the picture was the Green Plow truck that was sold on the Babler auction.

Getting the truck “Plow ready”!

Next Plow truck heading to the shop!! 11/30/2019

3rd of the 4 Plow trucks waiting for the shop!

Plow now on the Ranger!!

New equipment – a deal we couldn’t pass up on! We have only been looking for about 2 years! We came to be good friends with Gary who camp with us this past summer who was selling his Ranger! Right time, right place. So today Dale surprised me with having the plow off our 4 wheeler on the Ranger. We had to go take it for a spin of course and do a little plowing. Fun time.

Transporter getting spruced up and repairs to make her a good, warm, comfortable ride to the early ice Day house’s!


Ice Conditions update 12-1-2019

We have been out checking ice each day. Thanksgiving Day we still were finding areas of only 5 inches of ice and area close to Gull rock that was open water. The picture in our profile of Gull Rock was taken on Nov. 12th which shows a vast amount of open water between the shore and Gull rock. We have quite a bit of piled-up ice again with this years freeze up. We will keep you posted as we continue to check and get through the storm watches and warnings the weather folks have announced. Take care all and we look forward to sending you a new update in the next day or two!

Dale and Connie Peterson
Dale’s On Lake of the Woods
Dale 320-630-7897
Connie 320-630-6734