Fishing Report 8/10/2019

Fishing Report
South end 
Late summer patterns are kicking out big walleyes. Trolling crankbaits in the basin and drifting with spinners and crawlers both strong methods.  Main depths are 30-34′.  Some anglers still jigging frozen shiners over the mud with success.  Jigs performing well are gold, pink, orange, and chartreuse.
Rainy River
Sturgeon anglers reporting some fish of all sizes being caught.  Variety of other fish being caught while fishing for sturgeon as well.  Reports of some nice walleyes drifting spinners and trolling cranks.  Smallmouth bass near rocky areas and bridges.
NW Angle
Walleye fishing remains great.  Fish being targeted in 22 – 29′ of water.  Spinners and crawlers have been the go-to with gold, pink and orange hot colors.  Lots of walleyes eating crayfish currently.  Reefs still holding fish.  Some nice muskies and pike being caught amongst the islands.
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7/4/19 Fishing Report Courtesy of Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau

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Fishing Report
South end 
Great limits of walleyes continue both over the mud basin of Big Traverse Bay as well over structure.  Most anchored up and jigging with frozen shiners or leeches.  Drifting spinners with crawlers hot technique as well.  Main depths, 29-32′ with shallow bites happening based on wind and hatches.  Gold mixed with orange, pink or chartreuse strong color choices.
Rainy River
River offering up smorgasbord of species.  Walleyes coming from current breaks and rocky areas..  Trolling crankbaits producing and a good way to locate fish.  Smallies relating to rocks, bridges.  Pike in and adjacent to bays and current breaks.  Sturgeon season opened July 1st for the catch season and reports are good.
NW Angle
Walleye fishing remains excellent.  Anglers finding mayflies and crayfish in the stomachs of walleyes.  Jigging and pulling spinners on and around reefs in 22-28′ all producing walleyes.  Saugers, pike, and perch also in the mix.  Muskie anglers continue to catch fish with some big fish over 50″.
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Fishing Report 6/7/2019

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Fishing Report
South end 
  • Strong walleye pattern continues.
  • Fish deeper in areas–15-30′ with most activity in that 25-26′ range.
  • Anchored up and jigging with minnows and frozen shiners still very effective.
  • Water temp mid 50’s.
  • Gold combined with other colors productive.
  • Nice reports from south shore and around Knight and Bridges Islands.
Rainy River
  • Summer pattern starting to settle in.
  • Walleyes and saugers being caught in holes, current breaks and sand riffs.
  • Smallmouth bass and pike anglers are being found.
  • Some anglers casting river mouths, bays, and rocky areas for a mixed bag.
  • Sturgeon season opens July 1st for the catch season again.
NW Angle
  • Another great week of walleye fishing.
  • Some walleyes coming from shallow mud, 6-8′ with spinners heating up.
  • Walleyes hanging in 20-27′ with most anglers are jigging.
  • Pink and gold still strong colors.
  • Saugers, pike, perch and bass also in the mix.
  • Smallmouth bass still deep and should slide into bays very soon.

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Fishing Report from Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau 5/29/2019

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Fishing Report

South end
Walleye fishing on fire.
Walleyes from Lighthouse Gap to Rocky Point and up to islands.
Most anchored and jigging with minnows and frozen shiners.
Gold combined with pink, yellow, chartreuse and orange all productive.
Reports of fish in varying depths 15-30′.
Rainy River
Walleyes still in the river and some nice fish being caught.
The river has walleyes along with smallmouth bass, pike and sturgeon.
From the mouth of the river to Birchdale there are 42 miles of river to fish.
Sturgeon season opens July 1st for the catch season again.
NW Angle
Walleye fishing excellent.
Nice fish coming from island and shoreline structure.
Walleyes in shallows to deeper areas.
Most anglers using jig and minnow.
Gold by itself or combined good color choice best.
Saugers, pike and perch also in the mix.

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Fishing Report from Lake of the Woods Tourism 5/22/2019

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Fishing Report
South end
Excellent walleye action continues along the south shore.
Walleyes & sauger limits in Four Mile Bay, Lighthouse gap, Morris Point gap, and along the south shore of the lake.
The go-to presentation is anchored up and jigging with a jig and minnow.
Pink and gold strong colors.
Some anglers were trolling crankbaits and also doing well.
Reports of fish in varying depths, but 15-25′ holding good fish.
Rainy River
Good numbers of walleyes still in the river and some nice fish being caught.
Bright jigs and frozen shiner hard to beat.
Strong current in the river, thus heavier jigs necessary.
Sturgeon season is closed until July 1st.
NW Angle
Anglers were catching nice walleyes as the water warms.
Reports of nice fish coming from shoreline structure and areas with current.
Most anglers using jig and minnow.
Evening bite continues strong.
Saugers, pike and perch were also in the mix.
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5/8/2019 Fishing Report courtesy of Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau

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Fishing Report
South end 
  • Walleye season opens Saturday, May 11th.
  • As of Monday, May 6th on the main basin, miles of open water with some ice patches still floating around.
  • Walleye and sauger populations strong, thus good opener expected.
  • Go to will be jig and frozen shiner.
  • Pike and sturgeon seasons are open and the reports are excellent.
  • Numerous trophy class pike being caught.
  • All pike 30-40″ must be returned with a 3 fish limit and one over 40″.
Rainy River
  • Sturgeon and pike fishing has been excellent.
  • The go-to presentation for sturgeon a 4-6 ounce no roll sinker, sturgeon rig and a few nightcrawlers or combo crawlers and frozen emerald shiners.
  • Pike being caught in shallow bays.
  • With cold water temps, opening day on the river is expected to be good walleye fishing.
  •  With stronger than normal current, bring heavy jigs if jigging.
NW Angle
  • Mainly open water areas with some ice chunks.
  • A bit of boating activity this week as open water increased.
  • Resorts getting ready for May 11th opener.
  • Most will be using a jig and minnow adjacent shoreline structure, points and neck down areas.

Fishing Report for March 20, 2019

Fishing in 30 feet range. Shallow’s have not quite turned on as of yet. 3 of our Sleeper Guests were in the shallows tonight – will report tomorrow!

Lake conditions are slowly deteriorating. The snow is dwindling, we continue to have slush and water issues.  Our winter lake access is open to ATV’s, snowmobiles,

tracks snow machines best.

The fish bite is a roller coaster ride. Today was a pretty good day for some – least amount of fish was 8 fish for 3 guys, all nice fish!  Other houses limited out.  Fish on

at 10 a.m. today and it was a good run.  In between, there is a lot of little walleye that keeps us entertained!!

Ice Conditions for Dec 15, 2018

Our Winter Lake Access remains closed due to unsafe ice conditions pertaining to the crack North of Gull Rock traveling East and West. With the high today at 40 degrees, there’s no sign of healing that crack! It could possibly be 2 weeks before we open our access. We will keep you posted.

We do have our Day houses out and some of our Sleepers fishing in the save areas. There are still 3 sleepers to go out by Wed.

Our access information line is 218-442-6661. Please call between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 10 p.m. only, please.