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Dec 15, 2018 Ice Conditions

Our Winter Lake Access remains closed due to unsafe ice conditions pertaining to the crack North of Gull Rock traveling East and West!
With the high today at 40 degrees – no sign of healing that crack! Could possibly be 2 weeks before we open our access! We will keep you posted.
Our access information line is 218-442-6661 – call between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 10 p.m. only please!
We do have our Day houses out and some of our Sleepers fishing in the save areas, still 3 sleepers to go by Wed.

Dale & Connie Peterson
Dale’s on Lake of the Woods

Ice Condition Update

Checked ice again today! Crack North of Gull Rock, traveling to the East and West, has areas less than 2 inches of ice! This crack was over 5 feet wide at one point. Our winter lake access will remain CLOSED to the public! We will not open until this area has gained enough thickness!

All Day house and Sleeper reservations are Good to go! We are fishing in areas that are NOT near the crack! This closed access is to keep those that fish in their own fish houses and are traveling the lake on their own, safe from the unsafe ice created by this crack!
So this safety measure does not change your Sleeper or Day house reservation because we will transport you! So please note- none of our Day house or Sleeper guests will be allowed to drive their vehicles to their Sleeper or Dayhouse!

April 14,2018

Our winter lake access is closing tomorrow, Sunday 4/15/2018.
We want to Thank all of you who came to this great part of Lake of the Woods through us. We are very happy to provide you access through our resort. We will continue to work hard for you to enjoy fishing here during ice season.
Dale & I have some plans already in motion and are working towards our goal for a year round resort adding 12 RCA sites and 6 cabins. Much to do before, well to drill, septic system, summer shower house/fish cleaning house, and possible new roads through out the property.
We will keep you posted!!!

Friday – March 30, 2018 Winter Lake Access Update

Winter Lake Access Update
Open to vehicles, ATV/4 wheelers, and sled’s only, NO WHEEL HOUSES

Access fee is $5 per axle! $10 for vehicle, $15 if pulling a single axle, $20 is pulling a tandem. Even if you leave the trailer in the parking area.

We have all Parking on the shoreline/lake

Plowed areas/Ice conditions remain the same , good conditions to No. Arnesen’s reef and Twin Island’s. No. Arnesens reef road is the roughest and has a crack approx. 6 inches wide we are putting a bridge over right now. Plowed areas are still going good but do have potholes.

Access information line 218-442-6661 – changed to 8 am -10 pm as we now are waiting until daylight before checking plowed areas.