Inquiries and Reservation

Hello Everyone,

Just a note to ask if you would please call our resort number, 320-630-6734 for reservations or if checking on availability. I know technology is text messages, Facebook messages, our phones can do just about everything. There are many details to a reservation and with all details in place makes for no surprises and makes for a good trip. Granted nothing is perfect but we want your stay with us to go well.

I can help you so much better by phone than I can by text message or Facebook messages.  I know this is old school, but messages get missed and forgotten, especially if I don’t see them until late into the night and the next day, I will be honest, I get busy and forget to go back to the messages.

  I am available every day of the week from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. at 320-630-6734 and if I am unable to answer – please leave me a message and I WILL return your call ASAP!!!

I do promise that I will work harder at checking and responding to messages via text and Facebook messaging.  If you make a reservation through text and Facebook message it will need to be finalized by phone as there is additional information that needs to be figured out to make the reservation finalized. 

We thank you so very much for helping out by calling us for all your needs!!!

Dale and Connie Peterson

Dale’s On Lake of the Woods 


Bunkhouse where it all began!!

For all Of you who remember our Bunkhouse where our Fish House Rental business began- Cleaned the Bunkhouse our completely today – only a couple lights to take out and we are ready for demolition! This will be the place where we will build the Bathrooms/Showers for the campsites in this area!!

This where we started our winter fishing business! We use to live December to April no running water – we use to go to Super 8 in Warroad to shower!! Wow! We use to have 8 bunks in here- start at 8×16 and Dale added on to make it 16×16- – many changes over the years!!

Check out our video of the bunkhouse all cleaned out!!

Sept 15, 2020

Today we started our final 10 campsites! We have them all staked out, all 10 will be pull through, 3 roads all one-way traffic, all full hook- up, reserve by the day, week, or month (up to 2 months/60 days max) -campsite options-no summer seasonal- Started the first road down the center for now and will pick up again in the Spring!


Permit Received for Shoreline Protection!!!

We received the approval and Permit via emailed TODAY!!!! YES, YES, YES!!!!
5 years and today we are a Go!
HUGE THANK YOU TO OUR ENGINEER MIKE!!!! Thank you so much Mike!!!
Now we bring the Harbor/Marina off of HOLD MODE and start working towards an OK to build a small place for docks for people to be protected from the wind and lake elements!!

Sept 8th, 2020

This is the week we should hear the results of of Application to restore/protect our shoreline! Today is the final day of the DNR 30 day review period! Patiently waiting for the email or Phone Call- we did have to make one change with the elevation level of rip rap – this concern was presented to us in the first week of the review but no calls for changes since then!
If we receive our permit for shoreline protection and restoration we are ready to start the work! Holding our breath😳

Effective 9-1-2020 Credit Card For Payment

Dear Guests,

We have been changed to a new type of Credit Card Reader through our Credit Card Merchant.

With the multiple changes in the use of Credit/Debit, the processor companies, Effective 9/1/2020, have applied a Service Charge of 4% added to your rate if paying with a Credit or Debit Card.

Our Posted/Listed Rates are at the discounted Cash amount which you are able to pay with Cash or Check to eliminate the Service Charge.

We wanted to give you advance notice so you could be prepared to pay with cash or check if you choose, we hope you understand this change that has been made.  Thank you,

Dale and Connie Peterson

Dale’s On Lake of the Woods